Question - Hybrid damage pet builds - Is Vitality+Bleed a thing?

Hey guys! Has anyone tried a hybrid damage pet build?

I’ve been looking into this (very draft, unfinished) idea -

It looks like it might have some serious firepower potential? It has strong elemental and physical conversions to vitality damage, and a whole lot of bleed damage and bonus damage.

It gets -108 vitality RR and -95% bleed RR.

Has anyone tried to experiment with something similar before, or other hybrid damage type builds?

I haven`t played for a bit, so it is probably better that some of the recent pet gurus comment.


A hybrid by definition has some non-pet skill that the character uses while also employing pets. Your build has only pet skills, and I`d suggest you have a pure-pet build here. (SH is negligible for character damage)

I have played a number of hybrids in the MC and they do fine and are fun enough. Deep SR and CR would be slow and tricky, due to the damage compromises.<

Edit: Oh, I think you must be referring to Dual damage-type pets. My bad for misreading. I think you can search the build directory for vitality or bleed pets and you`ll likely come across a close concept. Most build guides discuss the gear choices and bleed is usually paired with some other damage type by default. Primal bond is typically seen as more valuable than MoD due to the +damage and crit.

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I’d pick Conjurer instead of Ritualist, but Vit / Bleed is definitely viable. Though how I’d do it is by converting phys dmg into Vit rather than opting for Skeletons / reap Spirits.

That said, easier to go either pure Vit or pure Bleed.

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