Question in regards to particular factions per difficulty

I’ve decided with my ret-tank Archon I would collect as many lore notes as possible, having first gone with Kymon’s Chosen on Normal/Veteran, then changing allegiances with the Order of Death’s Vigil on Elite, which is the difficulty the character is on.

I’ve even decided I would turn my back on Barrowholm for the entire difficulty when I come across them, having bought resistance and Health Powders ahead of time from Normal, which lies the question. Would I be able to mend fences with them on Ultimate difficulty and start grinding for reputation with them again?

You mean:
Barrowolm normal - friendly
Barrowholm elite - hostile
Barrowholm ultimate - friendly?

Should work, yes.

what happens if you kill them on both normal and ultimate, but mend ties on elite?

I just think they come back 2 life :slight_smile:
Tbh, I only tried it the other way around up to now - hostile only at ultimate.
If you´re not sure:
Copy your character files before you turn hostile on them.

What matters is the last allegiance change, refardless of difficulty. You can ally with Barrowholm in Ultimate, and the defect them in Normal, and they’ll be hostile.

so they’ll just resurrect on ultimate after mending ties in elite (which is after slaughtering them, nemesis-ing them, and farming up ugdenbog arcaneweavers by the stash tabs on ult?)

Yes. Leave past in the past, and go into future :slight_smile:

Similar question but different target regarding Mogdrogen in the same difficulty level …

If you attack and beat him at his monument in Asterkarn Valley, does he treat you any differently when you next see him outside the Ancient Grove?

It actually has been a while since I actually fought him on my Warder on Normal difficulty, but if I can remember it correctly, it would be more on just that one difficulty. He’d treat you like you haven’t fought him on those difficulties whether you came across him after restoring the shrine or no.