Question on Occultist's "Mend Flesh" ability

I’m brand new here and am playing around with a Witch Hunter. I noticed “Mend Flesh” on the occultist side but I can’t really tell how that works. Is that a channeled effect as long as the Raven is within 1m of you or is that like a mini health potion when the raven is summoned?

For those that have played with it, does that add to survivability at higher levels or does it just eat points if I’m not interested in the rest of the Raven’s abilities?

It’s a spell which raven will use periodically when you lower than ~75% health. Never really invested much into it, so can’t answer second part of your question.

It is pretty much a ‘mini-health potion’ the raven will chain cast if your health dips below a certain amount. Note that if the raven is set to defensive it is more likely to use it than set to aggressive/normal.

Cool. Thanks guys.