Question regarding procing devotion skill on Cadence

Hello guys,

I have a question regarding Cadence please. Basic Cadence skill (without any further passive in the line) makes every third attack stronger, right? I assigned certain devotion skill to Cadence (Hand of Ultos), which procs on critical attack. So, every third attack, if its critical, it will proc, right?

But now, my question is, if I use “Deadly momentum” passive in Cadence line, Cadence then makes every attack stronger, for next 4 seconds, not just every third attack, right?. So, will the Hand of Ultos now proc on every critical default weapon attack during this 4 seconds, or is it still every third attack??

Im quite confused about this. Thanks for any help

To me it seems Deadly momentum passive on Cadence would make the Hand of Ultos (or any other) devotion skill proc more, because it seems it makes Cadence be used on every attack, not just on every third.

Deadly momentum is a buff that is activated by a cadance hit. You can only activate devos with cadance skill itself

Glenn is right.
However, you can actually proccing devo on every non-cadence hit, not just the third hit itself.

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