Question reguarding build methods

First off, just bought the game and Love it!

Played PoE, D2 for many hours and well frankly builds are nothing to sneeze at… and GD’s are no different. My question and I appologize if this has been covered previously but I couldn’t find anything in search or google…

When developing your build, is it of a higher priority to rank up skills over mastery bar, or focus on the bar with a few points to open up the relevant skills then max the bar and work towards the skill caps as needed?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

It’s a mixture of both honestly, but it also depends on what kind of build you are playing.

Basicly its well worth it to invest in the mastery bar to reach high priority skills, because you also gain stats from investing in it.
Then some builds like to max these skills that they have reached and afterwards focus elsewhere.
You might get an idea about how it works by looking at some builds in this forum that provide a lvl guide. Check out the Build Compendium or other buildthreads (not all are listed in the Compendium):

You can expect further and more specific help when you have chosen a Class & welcome to the community.

Several month back I tried the game on a friends PC, and just loved it… picked it up with Steams winter sale, and pretty much immediatly used the mod Grimarillion. I will admit I have no deep understanding of the game and what pitfalls/traps to avoid with builds…

If you are familiar with the mod then maybe you can toss some advice my way.

Masteries selected was Necrotic/Dream going heavy with life leech, and % ADctH, with some extra vitality/chaos dmg added in… not too far in, as I only just defeated the Warden. (Level 25) 10 phys/10 cun/5 spirit

sry im not familiar with it, as im playing unmoded.