Question(s) regarding Storm Box Functionality

A while back I was messing around with a 0 cool down SBoE and noticed that even if you reduced the cool down to 0 you couldn’t hold the hot key down and mouse over everything to continue to cast it without clicking your finger into a bloody nub. Is this because:


What keybind the skill went into (You can’t LMB it so I think I tested in on RMB and the number 1 key)

My memory being bad

Or something else

Secondly, if this is the case (as I remember testing), any chance this can be changed?

I don’t have a character to test right away.

Anyone know or am I just crazy? Would this function be too good?

Thanks in advance.

Does it even stack with itself? I mean the damage.

[edit] Btw I tested it while testing other Inquisitor runes and you’re right. You have to click multiple times. No matter if bound to RMB or a 0-9 button.

Thanks tq! For confirming.

Wasn’t looking for it to stack of course as it doesn’t. But to use it more like an auto attack. Thanks for the alternative via PM but was hoping Z would see this and consider changing functionality to reduce finger mashing in the base game.

I don’t know if there is some engine limitation or something.

Storm Box won’t stack with itself, but multiple Lightning Tethers crossing the same target will apply multiple instances of damage.

Yes, I played around with a 0CD `box when it was first doable and certainly found this irritating. +1 to enabling consecutive casts, if possible.


0 CD Storm Box is a pretty annoying gameplay. Tried it once, didn’t like it. Just feels weird.

The real move is just using num lock and binding to number pad… This will cause it to cast on anything you place your cursor on. The downside would be if anything is under your cursor it will override other skill casts if I remember correctly

Yeah, well its a whole new SboE-World with scripts! Refer to tqFan or me.

Nice to know. For some reason I always thought it’s only a Diablo 3 thing.