Question time again.

Alright I will get to it right away.


I got the quests to start AoM from Creed two days ago, but I still have thelast quest from the Outcast … The Outcasts Revenge. But to be honest I can not get myself to do that quest. Can I leave that faction quest alone, and will it be removed if I start with AoM? ( Or can I some how remove the quest … I seriously doubt it but I am still asking. )


If I can ignore that faction quest and start with AoM on normal, would my character be ready? ( I play on Normal difficulty. )

  1. You can go into the expansion areas. I am pretty sure, that quest will stay in your log. It’s not required to do it, but I would recommend it.
  2. You might survive… once you have adapted to the expansion’s difficulty, you should be ready for Port Valbury, too. :wink:

I guess I could start with AoM … see how it goes, and if I can survive it for a while. And then on a later date do the Outcasts Revenge quest, thank you eisprinzessin. :slight_smile: