Questions bout conversion at item skill modifiers

If i equip Mythical Aetherreach wich adds extra +44 flat aether damage to aar
And convert aar into chaos by my skill modifier (Tainted power)

Does the conversion occurs after adding damage to aar? (the extra 44 damage get’s converted with the base skill damage)
Or does the conversion occurs (aar to chaos) first then 44 aether damage gets added to skill?

I know that only 1 conversion can be possible
And skill modifier conversion has higher priority than item conversion
But if i convert aether into chaos with skill modifier (Tainted power)
Can i still convert the fire damage on aar to chaos damage with item skill conversion? (Ex. Voidheart)

  1. The Aether damage is added before conversion, so it will be converted.

  2. Yes, you can do both at the same time because they are separate conversions. The double conversion problem would be if you tried to convert Aether to Chaos, then Chaos to something else. The converted Aether wouldn’t be converted again.