Questions: Cooldown and Black Blood of Yugol, concept build

Hey all :slight_smile:
Quick question - Do Black Blood of Yugol devotion procs stack damage?

If yes, then could this build potentially deal ridiculous damage with them?

Due to high cooldown it can get about 12.

Black Blood has a pet limit of 6 in the tooltip so cdr is pretty meaningless, but anyway, no it doesn’t stack. Would had been bonkers broken if it did.


Ah, well noticed. So, the real benefit to having 6 is having a wider spread of damage…

Technically the real benefit of Black Blood is not damage but damage reduction debuff :slight_smile:

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Fair point :slight_smile:

But then, I could get 3x the Guardian’s Gaze and Flame Torrent per second?

Not sure. It should work based on what I know about game mechanics, but when it comes to skills like that there are persistent rumors of some additional internal cooldown.

That’s not 3x either because your cdr is about 44% at best according to my calculations.

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3 per second for each proc.

I wonder about internal cooldowns too