Questions from a new player

Hello! I’m a new player and I have some basic questions for you guys:

Leveling skils:
Do I level mastery first for both class and then invest in abilities?

How do I go about gear upgrades? I’m playing a Forcewave Death knight, I started by going physical damage 100% of the time but now I’m using abilities that deals Aether and Vitality damage, it’s kinda hard to find items that boost all 3 of those abilities.


If you’re going Forcewave then probably max that skill since it will carry you through a lot of the game on it’s own. But don’t neglect the mastery bars since they give you added strength/dexterity/spirit/health/energy which will help you character stay alive. I usually climb the mastery bars, putting a point into each skill I want to use along the way.

Ideally, you want two types of damage, stretching to three isn’t easy. Look at the vendors to see what’s available and you may also find some stuff when you reach the required reputation with the various factions and can buy their gear.

Thank you so much for the help and the quick reply! I’m following a guide and the OP didn’t go into details so It was confusing.

Post a link to the build and we can probably work it out.

There you go:

Yeah, I’d max Forcewave while climbing the Soldier mastery to get a point in the other skills then work on Necromancer. Spectral Wrath is another good one to max early since it helps your attack speed and reduces foes’ resistances.

If you have questions you can post them in that thread so Chthon can see them.

Awesome and by looking at the build, do you know the 2 main types of damage used?

Guide says physical. There’s some internal trauma as well with bits of other damage types thrown in from skills.

It is mostly physical damage and internal Trauma yes. The pierce and bleed damage is not gonna contribute much to the overall damage output