Questions RE: AAR

The questions…

  1. Mage Hunter vs Spellbinder vs Warlock vs Spell Breaker vs Battlemage. I’m looking for a ranking in terms of damage, defense, and performance in relation to each other. A scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, would be fine.
  2. Can one level with AAR once its available or does it requires special equipment to make it viable, thus being an end game only skill.
  3. Ranking the various damage elements for AAR using the same scale as above.
  4. Does damage element influence or matter in relation to each of the classes above? For example, would Aether be better for a specific class and Fire be better for a different class?
  5. Is there a specific end game set for AAR?
  6. Is there a beginner build for AAR?
    Thanks in advance.

You can by just getting a low level Pulsing Shard (which i believe the lowest level available is 30, it’s probably less). The ADCTH will allow AAR to heal you and pretty much carry through the leveling process.

Clairvoyant for Aether and Black Flame for Chaos. Fire, Lightning and Cold use solely standalone items.

only off-hand is requierd. and a lot of energy.

Yes. for instance - spellbinder is for aether damage (and vitality, but it is more a meme), mage hunter for fire/lightning and so on.

Yep: [] Beginner's Scorching Ray Templar

You don’t want battlemage for AAR, trust me.

Battlemage isn’t that bad, just needs good gear like templar.

  1. I’ll post a chart based on my personal preference.

Aether Spellbinder = 10/10
Cold Mage Hunter = 9/10
Physical Templar = 9/10
Fire Templar = 8/10
Chaos Warlock = 7.5/10
Aether / Vitality Warlock = 7.5/10
Physical Battlemage = meh, I’d say 6/10, the lack of physical RR in the class combo is a huge drawback to performance

  1. You need components for energy regen and things which help on energy sustain like spirit investment, Inner Focus, Arcane will or Mental Alacrity.

  2. Aether > Cold = Physical IMHO.

  3. Yes. Mage Hunter = cold AAR, Spellbinder = Aether AAR, Warlock = Chaos or Aether + Vitality AAR, Battlemage = physical AAR, Templar = physical or fire AAR, and so on.

  4. Clairvoyant is the endgame set for aether / vitality warlocks, Black scorch Covenant is the endgame set for Chaos warlocks.

  5. Yes, @grey-maybe already answered to that.

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Guys does the aether builds for spellbinder and warlock have aether resist reduction? If so, what are the sources of aether resist reduction?

Spellbinder has spectral wrath, Warlock has curse of frailty with clairvoyant set mod and codex of lies mod. Both builds can use myth band of the eternal haunt for additional RR, Warlock has extra -15% single target RR from off hand, Spellbinder can have extra -15% single target RR if using myth Wrath of the Ascendant.

Extra RR comes from devotions: Widow and Revenant OR Scales.

In terms of damage and crucible speed running I would say that aether binder and lightning mage hunter are the tops. In terms of versatility @grey-maybe ‘s phys aar templar is the best. In terms of meme but still strong in crucible actually @MergosWetNurse’ s fake acid aar witch hunter iirc. In terms of fun, felt very safe and i think it did pretty well in SR too, again @MergosWetNurse lightning aar druid.

Thank you guys. Thank you @grey-maybe for pointing out the beginner Templar build. However, my gut is leaning in the direction of Spellbinder. I’m like a fish out of water because I don’t know enough about the game mechanics. I’m might have to use another leveling build to get one to 94-100 range. I might try out the Fire Templar variant at some point as well.

Jop @romanN1.
Iirc you actually did a cruci run of about 4:30 or so with the fake acid ray WH and the druid was fairly close to that time as well + as you already said its fairly save ontop and cam compfy do SR too.

Just a small FYI for those still learning the game like me. There is a skeletal vendor in rogue dungeon of Port Valbury that sells Pulsing Shards. It seems the level range of the items sold are based on either difficulty setting or character level or both.

Also, for early AAR there is a target farmable AAR weapon in a Forgotten Gods (FG) zone. The item link: Crimson’s Arcane Scepter
It requires the player to have the FG DLC.

Holy crap. This dropped from an Eldritch Totem and the monster kills caused me to ding level 50 just before the drop:

This is my Pulsing Shard:

The shard has on it:

  • more straight Aether damage
  • the 6% ADCtH
  • 15% Chaos resist
  • 8% AAR skill cost redution
  • 270 HP
  • +2 to AAR

However, I’ve seen the mythical version of Aldanar’s in end-game grim tools profile links. There are nodes in the devotion celestial map that offer ADCtH that do not come with a % chance on attack or critical attack. Would it be worth rearranging my devotions to employ Aldanar’s? I have 35 devotion points and currently hitting quests for Homestead and Blood Grove. I have all of the devo shrines from Darkvale gate and beyond to visit as well as all of the AoM content that is untouched.

keep your shard and don’t waste time with your decisions, just level up

Also, are there any specific faction gear I should be targeting between levels 50 to (94-100)?

If you’re lacking for the better equipment, there is level 65>90 head/torso/shoulder parts from AoM and FG faction, for glove/boots go with level 70 Rover/BL faction, ring/medal/amulet/weapon are also from both expansion with level 82-90. Here is all the item that support AAR from the faction gear The head piece is a hidden item on FG expansion.

Also the Pulsing Shard upgrade come in level 50>70>84>94 version. So, when you reach that level pay a visit to the Amalgamation.

Many thanks I’ll check those out.