Quick question about damage reflect

I’ve been trying to test this and it is quite hard so I thought I’d ask the forum. If I hit and enemy with a DoT and then the enemy throws up a reflection aura will the damage from the DoT be applied to me after the reflect comes up or will the DoT be discounted because it happened before the aura?

I’m pretty certain that once the reflect goes up, when ever it takes damage, you take a percentage of that damage too. It doesn’t matter when it was applied.

Wouldn’t say that but only fairly sure.

Fabius would kill me instantly when his Blade Barrier goes up.

Forgot about blade barrier, but the skills with 100% or greater reflect and 100% damage absorption make ADCTH do nothing, and reflect a lot more damage than the Hero reflect you see (yellow glow effect).

Dots are only reflected if the initial application occurs while reflect is up. Can make stacking % duration mods a bit dangerous as one misclick and you just applied 12 seconds of dot to yourself!

Not sure how debuffs that behave like dots work (like word of pain, or bloody pox)

I know…I really know. :eek: