Radnen here

Hey, I didn’t see this section here so I’m going to say hello!

I’m Radnen, and I like playing game like Diablo II, Fate, Torchlight and… Titan Quest!

I’m an amateur game designer, but a solo one who works primarily on his own test projects and what-not. I have not sold anything - It’s expensive to do this!

For example, the XNA department wants so many subscription and license fees from you, that I would make negative profits! But I do, do a lot of thinking in game design and constantly think about things I would implement given enough people and hours and the technology to work at it.

Currently I’m a computer science student at Portland State University. I may be on break now, but in a month I’m back doing another full swing of school.

Yep, that’s me! (I also don’t post too often at other forums… So who knows, I may or may not stick around. But I will occasionally read and stop by even if I say nothing much at all).


Some buddies of me create stuff for the iphone. From what i heard it’s not expensive to get your stuff in the shop there. But you gotta compete with a lot of other apps, apparently.
Also, digital distribution being on the rise i think its a good time for independent developers with small or medium sized projects.
I’m sure there will be other hubs like steam soon.

Anyway, welcome :slight_smile: