Rage of agrivix drop!

Hello Grim Dawn community, I have been playing this game since two months and i have 313 hours in this game as a sorcerer. I’m level 100 and playing at elite now. Last two weeks I have done too many sr around 65-75 level and also challenge dungeons but I couldn’t get any RAGE OF AGRIVIX set piece. I have played too many game in this genre and i think that you would say about RNG things which always be said but that cannot be normal. Is that set really exist ? Or is this a common problem about the game ? Because I want to play at ultimate now but firstly I need to complete my build but it’s getting bore me to play this game day by day. Is there anyone who experienced like that ?

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It can drop anywhere in the game and you’d probably have a better chance looking for it on Legendary rather than Elite. Or you could trade for it.

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I’d probably play some other build and leave this one for when you get Agrivix set pieces.

Just play ultimate without the set. Act 1 isn’t that hard, the transition from elite act 5/6 to ultimate act 1 is pretty smooth imo, you only need to take care of your resistances with augments. And as mentioned, you’ll probably have a better chance of finding the set pieces on ultimate, try farming monster totems.

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Play Ultimate, firstly. Farm totems. If you can do sr 65-66 on ultimate you’ll get so many drops. Also you can try trading.