Raider music won't stop

The monotonous ‘raider theme’ is stuck in my game and so far it’s lasted 2.5 years so far since the last raid and won’t revert to the ordinary muzac…also the lag isn’t getting any better maybe this is related, even with everything else on PC closed it’s using 7,0325 MB in memory according to task manager. There’s no other game I play that’s this laggy or that hogs memory to the point you get notable stalls and delays trying to scroll the screen. I have 16gb Corsair RAM, i7, and a 2070 Ti Nvidia card and this breezes through anything else I play except this game which drags like an overweight snail… would like the raider music to at least switch off as the raiders leave, it’s pretty awful as it is, let alone having to endure it all thru the years

Try saving the game and reloading the map. This worked when I hit this bug.

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