Raiders can loot all cash from trading post, even when all cash transferred out - v0.7.4

This may be related to the bug where trading post items go into limbo, but not completely.

I made it a point to transfer any gold from trades out of the post. I am also collecting money from houses/markets.

When raiders came, they attacked the trading post… and I watched them carry off every last gold coin I possessed–from the trading post that wasn’t supposed to have anything stored there at all. There should have been some stored somewhere else, from other income sources, so if this is related to the “limbo” state of cash, then just having some cash there lets the raiders take it all, which defeats the purpose of moving the cash into some other secured storage. :slight_smile:

Hope you can fix this one soon. Thanks for listening!

I agree something wierd is going on here. First I noticed that while I had 12,000 gold, only 5K was in my vault and 1K was in my trader. I checked all the other warehouses and couldn’t find anything. I noticed a similar thing with weapons I had purchased. They were available in inventory but not physically located anywhere.

When I got raided, they went to my trader and made off with several thousand plus some weapons despite those items that being in there at the quantities they stole.

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