Raiders draging corpses

I have noticed that the raiders are draging corpses behind them. Not sure if that is deliberate feature or why that is?

They’re cannibals! :scream:


:smile: They sure seem to be!

One of the most common forms of ‘loot’ for raiders, pirates, any other brigands was People, who could either be kept as slaves, sold to brokers, or ransomed back to their own people later. The Viking raids on the British Isles or continental Europe, for instance, always included a great deal of slave raiding and selling.

Hi Boris,
I agree, but the people being draged away in the game by the raiders are not alive.

A regrettable waste on the Raider’s part.

On the other hand, introducing Slavery to the game would darken the whole mood and aspect of the game considerably. I doubt that it would be worth it, no matter how ‘true to the historical reality’ it might be.
We had this debate over in the CivFanatics Forums about Slavery as a mechanic in the Civ games several years ago. They had it in one of the earlier renditions of the franchise, but not for over 10 years now, and the consensus was it’s best not to depict it explicitly: it might satisfy a few historian types, but would turn off a great many more potential gamers.