Raise the dead devotion passive

So I grabbed this raise the dead keystar, thinking it would be great, I tied it to my doom bolt but the issue I have is that I was expecting it to raise the dead, and not cast summon skeleton. as is, it’s questionably useful, since my doombolt can frequently kill multiple things with one cast, but I only get a single skeleton out of it due to the cooldown of the summon skeleton.

It would be much more useful if this passive didn’t have a cooldown on it, but kept the summon maximum to allow for skills with a longer cooldown to actually summon enough of them to warrant taking the keystar.

The only other spamable attack I have that can kill things is my Firestrike, which I have tied to another star already that is much more useful, and since my pets are there to soak hits, they won’t be killing anything as is