Raise the Dead question

I am using Raise the Dead skill of the Revenant constellation. It does summon skeletons but I don’t understand the skeletons’ ability. It says 'Melee Attack -
deals physical damage" and below it reads
‘% to all damage
% HP
% Energy
% energy regen’
who does that apply to? To the skeletons or to the player? If it is the latter then I don’t see any increase in Energy regen for example. With and without summoned skeletons i still have 7.51 energy regen. Please explain that to me

Nobody knows? Maybe it is a bug?

From my experience, and I could be totally wrong :
My understanding of the tooltips is that it only affects Skeletons.

Those bonus are applied in addition to the pet bonus (damage/Attack speed/health…) you might have. The higher the skill is, the better bonus you get, just like any summon pet skill.

It’s been a while since I tested that Devotion and I remember that Skeletons were really slow, even with some + %Total speed and Manipulation maxed.
Also, they always spawned far from the fights which was a bit disappointing, as they always had to walk for a while before engaging anything.

I also thought about that but again - if a consetellation has a bonus for pets it states that clearly like ‘Bonus To All Pets’ on Bysmiel’s Bonds. So this one on Raising the Dead are really confusing. If it does apply to pets only then that skill is a useless trash. I still hope it is a bug and it should apply to the player.

It applies to the skeletons. If you check actual pet skills (the Hellhound, the Familiar, etc) you’ll see a similar stat progression. This progression is critical for improving pet DPS/survivability, and is the main reason why some pets scale better than others.

What this basically means is that Raise the Dead can turn any melee/ranged/nuker build into a bona fide hybrid summoner without the hassle of actually investing too many points in pet skills, because the Raise the Dead proc alone can give you 5 pets that scale with devotion skill levels (in comparison, the Conjurer - which many consider the main pet class - can summon only 4 pets innately).
Of course, there’s one little caveat: you need to kill something with the skill it’s attached to for it to work. That means you can’t rely on it for some fights. It also favors builds with powerful nukes/spammable attack skills like Savagery/Beronath’s Fury.