Random issue with tags

Heya, stumbled across a seemingly random issue with class name tags.

The left textfile results in the right in-game strings.

Two class combinations’ tags just appear to get ignored; apart from those, the 100+ tags in that file, including other class names, seem to work fine. I tried random derp like “deleting and rebuilding arc-files” or “change file encoding”, but no luck.

Ironically I can’t see which tags are “missing”, because text gets cut off.

Any clues?

It’s a known issue that will get fixed in the next update. I think you must use 0270 and 0370 for now, if I remember right.

Le XD bug.
try I think it was 0270 and 0370 instead

It should be fixed in I think I heard, but for now it’s borked.


ninja’d! shit!

Thanks, sweethearts. This was driving me nuts.

Welcome to modding the TQ engine.