Random Question of the day - What was the most memorable death you've suffered in GD?

Righty ho…I’ve decided to take a turn for the macabre for the third question in my series of random questions of the day.

Now, this death can be hilarious, heartbreaking, infurating…anything! So long as its memorable.

I’ll start - this happened to me just yesterday, but is possibly the funniest/most baffling death I’ve ever had. It is also the inspiration for this question.


  1. I took almost 0 damage from aleksander’s meteor despite having the same amount of debuffs

  2. Absolution, OG, Ascension, and phoenix were all active (I have 100% recovery/block chance with ~400 damage absorption)

  3. I have 45% overcaps, and +3% max res to elemental resistances.

  4. 8% reduced damage from aetherials, and had debuffed aleksander with 12/12 war cry

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In crucible, with my HC Saboteur, I shadowstriked Zantarin just when he was starting his shotgun attack casting animation. By that time I was very aware of that infamous attack and the moment I started the dash I knew I was dead.


Ahhh…the “Imma make zantarin eat shi…OH FUCK!!!” death.

This is why I now always wait 2-3 seconds before charging zantarin :stuck_out_tongue:

my lvl 85-ish ritualist getting 1-shotted by stacks of swirling aetherial flame in ultimate from that aetherial hero spawned from the crystal you destroy to enter gloomwald. 1st enemy i’ve ever encountered in AoM expansion, yet its difficulty spike feels like a jumpscare, considering the last tough enemies i’ve encountered was the dreadguards of chthon in main campaign (and their damage are predictable, making them easy to deal with).

i’ve always have my aether resist over the cap by more than 20% since AoM’s 1st enemy shotgun me to death with insane aether damage. thankfully, that unpleasant aether stacks of doom gives me lesson that AoM deals lots of aether damage throughout its contents.

then i fight papa kymon for the 1st time in fg, and i get de ja vu. then i wonder why korvaak is easier than papa kymon in my case. then i remember that korvaak is greatly weakened from his “YOU DISAPPOINT ME, KYMON!” when i finally beat papa kymon.

maybe korvaak pour all his super saiyan blessing to kymon and his other followers. then he regrets it when he finally met the taken.


I personally don’t feel safe unless my aether overcap is at least 45% :rofl:

And even then…you want about 60% overcaps unless you’re relying on cruci. buffs or consumables.

But yes, that dude was hard. Though I’d argue that krieg was even scarier.

Is a huge dick.

Very understandable death.

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My little cute skeleton and Callagadra … I HATE HER!!
she slap and shred my lovely pet into pieces

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Finished off Gargabol.
Ran for his personal loot, not realizing his deadly volcano is still spitting…


First time I saw Ravager and thought “I can probably kill it”…

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First time I saw them maggots, I was like…“let’s poke em with a stick and see what happens”

gargabol, yay i have a krieg deathknight i can kill anything… crack

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And you found out pretty quick, didn’t you? :rofl:

No. I’m not a quick learner.

The next logical step for spanks was: “Right. Let’s GDstash double rares, and use pharma. Let’s poke 'em with a bigger stick and see what happens.”

Maybe my first Crucible attempt ever. Finished with death at wave 130 Aspirant against Zantarin. I never encountered him in campaign cause reputation with Vigil is hard to achieve. So wasn’t aware of his shotgun skill. Shadow strike into him, was one shotted. So no wonder I avoided Crucible for long period :rofl:

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Probably my first time ever against Loghorrean on Ultimate. I had chosen Pyromancer as my first character, because I had seen a years old video and thought “that looks cool”… That char had a devotion map tailored to Darkblaze set (which I didn’t have) and Chaos damage (which I didn’t do). I also thought resistances were overrated anyway. I was dead about two seconds after entering the boss room…

OFC Zantarin is always good for that “charge attack of death”. :astonished: Or you could just jump right into Alex’ meteor while running from Grava’s nullify. That’s what I tested yesterday in SR…

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Heh, Gargabol.

Just yesterday I ran my fully geared copy of afanasenkov26’s Blazerush Elementalist through the Tainted Wood. It’s a very strong character and handled him easily and quickly, but I was too greedy and did the same thing as klasperstanze . Well, i at least learned to back off a while after he’s “dead” next time I fight him.

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Being doombolted to death by Double Kaisan was really infuriating when SR was new :laughing:
I felt so devastated that I had to cry on the forums about it :sob: But it worked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A well-timed “Suicide by Zantarin” move is always good for a laugh though. At least in SC :sweat_smile: I’m sorry for your loss @toapeiron :cry:

Zantarin was a sneaky bastard before the patch that made him run faster. His slow movement made him look kinda harmless. I mean what’s the old fella gonna do anyway? He’s like your geriatric grandpa in a wheelchair who’s just about to crumble to dust, and when you’re just about to end his miserable existence so you can finally inherit his shiny shoulder armor, he pulls out the shotgun from under his blanket and goes medieval on your ass :scorv:


death by shotgun! shotgunned by multiple replicating magic missile at point blank range! shotgunned by volcano erupting under your posterior! shotgunned by stacks upon stacks of swirling flame under your posterior! (they also swirl back to you to DO IT AGAIN! shotgunned by meteors upon meteors of doom falling into your head! (is alex’s meteor counted as shotgun if there’s 2 of them?)

anybody knows more about other shotgun death events?

imho the meanest shotgun is Kaisan’s doom bolt because it’s almost impossible to dodge. Maybe it won’t hit while you are leaping or shadow striking, idk. Does he even telegraph it? no idea what to watch out for.

Back in the days when I chose that my Trickster will be a pure Bleeding Build (found some gear for it) and I met my first Skeletal Knights…:expressionless:

This one was on a warborn blademaster: back when the “of valor” shield suffix had % reflect damage on it, I hit a reflective hero with that shield while his aura was up. I assume it was a cadence/execution crit, since I took 25k reflected physical damage and one-shot myself. It used to be my highest damage taken until those FG maggots and their inflated stats.