Ranged 2h demolitionist build

So I’ve started playing with a friend (we’re leveling currently) and he seems to like Demolitionist + two-hander. He hasn’t chosen a second mastery yet. I should be able to help him with gearing come late game, but I’m not sure what to aim for. Ulzuin’s set? Harbinger? The Desolator + good stuff? Advice would be appreciated, I don’t have experience with Demo, especially two-handed ranged.

If he wants to do 2h ranged with demo, Inquisitor would probably serve him best as a second mastery. As for gear, i’d honestly just go for the justicar guard set for end game and i’d aim for something like Superfluffs or cccsennn2s build. They are pretty straight forward, cccsennn2s’ build does need a pretty decent arcaneweaver though, but it’ll still work fine even with something like searing/charged of alacrity.

You can play a terminator:p


Just grab a fleshwraped incinerator or brimstone repeater.

Get FS, Flame touched some Explosive strike, Bursting Round and work towards Chilling rounds and storm spread

Another alternative: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbDWvmN

An elemental build using the Ugdenbog Arcaneweaver weapon.
The weapon has incredible clearing power with the 50% chance to pass through enemies (works with WPS) & has brimstone going off!

Note the OA is a little low, & the devotions are not the best & could be reworked (build was thrown together in short space of time). Also, the greens are highly idealized (double rare) which are next to impossible to obtain with the desired stats unless you get (very) lucky! Otherwise, you can craft them using mods.

Have fun.


I kinda hate CC’s build cause his build is too good; so I don’t want to play this char any more.