Ranged builds?

Hey friends! Been on a 1+ year hiatus and coming back. I have a question for everyone- is there any true ranged builds for levelling that can farm for endgame? I did forcewave last time, but looking to make a full ranged and have 0 clue where to start. looking over the newbie build guide and feeling like everything is melee. I have 0 gear for endgame as i only made it to like 70 before having to go MIA. I’m just in a ranged type mood.

Edit- preferrable 1 class that i can level up, and change specs if needed

Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

been going through them. a lot of them mention outdated etc. so i was slightly concerned about that.

i just hit your dreegs sentinel, might give that a whirl. i seen acid/rta can be built for endgame then too

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just means they were made before the “great MI update” and or before more optimal levelling strats/items was found/put in the game
they still work, i tried Nery’s pew pew vindicator? guide myself like 2 years ago i think it was, totally fine
they just have room for improvement, so if isn’t experienced and aware of those improvements yourself can ask for tips on the discord/forum or skim over similar/newer guides and snatch the missing elements from them.

It’s gonna get some buffs in a few days. I liked leveling it for some reason but I’m often bored with other builds.

do you stack acid or poison damage, or both?

I’d focus on % Acid only (and % Poison just come as a bonus) since it’s a spam Dreeg’s Evil Eye build. Would be the other way around if it were a Poison DEE build with cooldown and transmuter (Focused Gaze) taken.