Ranged Pyromancer - Eldritch Fire Bind Question


Can someone shed some light on which skill I should bind the Devotion ‘Eldritch Fire’ to when it comes to a ranged Pyromancer build, and why? I’m stuck on which skill it would be better binded to out of ‘Flash Bang’ or ‘Sigil of Consumption’.

Also, when it says (15% chance on attack) does that mean, lets say, if I bind it to ‘Flash Bang’ it would be 15% chance per Flash bang I throw -or- 15% chance per enemy my flash bang hits?

With the patch, the devotion proc chance will be higher if the skill linked to it has a long CD.

But for now, it’s better to link your devotion with the lowest proc chance to the spell you spam.

For example, with my gunslinger, i linked eldritch fire with fire strike, because it’s my offensive devotion with the lowest proc chance, while i linked my elemental storm to thermites mines.

I used to have Eldritch Fire linked to Fire Strike, but I just got Meteor Shower and feel that it’s basically 100% up time when I linked it to Fire Strike compared to Sigil of Comsumption or Flash Bang. Also, the Meteor Shower tends to land where I want it more when it’s on Fire Strike (so I’m kind of still stuck with Flash Bang or Sigil for Eldritch Fire).

Do you know anything about the 15% chance on attack and how it works exactly, what I was asking in previous post? If it’s 15% per enemy my Flash Bang hits I think it may be better for Eldritch Fire, but if it’s 15% per Flash Bang thrown then Sigil would be better as it ticks every second… I dunno lol, still stuck on an answer I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, its 15% per enemy in the blast

When you put it on flash bang then every hit on every enemy has that 15% chance. And of course you really need only one succesful proc since it spreads itself to nearby enemies.

Have you thought about using a 1 point grenado for meteor shower? It should get you nearly 100% chance to trigger.

Put a single point in Canister Bomb and bind it to that. This way every enemy hit has a 100% chance of being afflicted.

Variable percentage contingent upon cool down is live today.

Beyond that, the per mob proc chance is contingent upon whether or not there is a cool down. If there is a cool down, only one per cool down cycle will happen. If there is no cool down, and the skill is not a self cwntered aoe (might work if no cool down) then there is a percent chance to proc per mob.

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