Ranged Savagery/Primal Stike Vindicator theorycraft/questions

Ever since I first saw the Raka’Jax crossbow I’ve been toying with the idea of a ranged Shaman build. I’m currently leveling up a Vindicator that I’ve theorycrafted. It’d end up looking along the lines of this.
The overall design philosophy is that I want to maximize single target damage with Savagery while using Primal Strike and devotions to clear hordes and provide some extra burst.
I’m not really aiming to spec much into Inquisitor because quite frankly it doesn’t seem that worth it for what I’m aiming for. And yes I do realize I’d probably be better off with Arcanist as a secondary class but I’m sticking with Inquisitor because I’d like to try out Word of Renewal and frankly I’m just not a big Arcanist fan.

There’s a few things in the build that I’m rather unsure about though and I was hoping to hear someone else’s opinion on these points.

  1. Let’s say I’d pick up 10/10 in Upheaval. Overall this would benefit my horde clear by giving me extra AoE but I get the impression that it’d lower my single target DPS by overriding my Savagery hit. I’m wondering if the damage loss is significant enough to skip Upheaval, if there is any damage loss at all.
  2. How does Feral Hunger work exactly on a ranged build? The description leads me to believe it’d only hit a single target. Would it still be worth it even if it only hits a single target? I think having a (somewhat) reliable healing option outside of Word of Renewal would be valuable.
  3. How good do you reckon Inquisitor’s Seal is in this build. I imagine this build will generally involve a lot of kiting and that obviously doesn’t go hand in hand with Inquisitor’s Seal. It still seems like a really good skill but I’ve my doubts.
  4. Thunderous Strike? To me the Primal Strike modifier has always seemed like a bit of a ‘joke’ option to me but the more I look at it the more I think it might work out better than Savagery. To anyone who has experience using Both Thunderous Strike and Savagery I’d like to hear your opinion on the different skills.

Any answers and possibly suggestions would be welcome. Once I finish the build and it turns out satisfactory I may end up making an in-depth build guide.



Didn’t read the post
Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
But here’s my 2c

  1. It shouldn’t override. Savagery isn’t Cadence.
  2. Wish I knew.
  3. The point of the seal is it allows you not to kite, or at least kite much less. Kiting is damage loss.
  4. To me non-thunderous strike usage of primal strike is a joke.