Rashalga, the Mad Queen, Drop Dead in 3,2,1!


yes, only 3 seconds…

Isn’t time dilation fun?


Love it lol, need to try this out asap

Too stronk

Pls nerf

I love the part how your Mirror would refresh itself when it reached 1 second.

Considering that, I’m wondering if you went ahead and maxed every skill at 20+ or you left some at reasonable levels.

I think he just manually refreshed Mirror while Time Dilation was active. I don’t think cheating was involved. Otherwise he wouldn’t have 5k health lol.

It’s pretty clear what happened here: Fevered Rage combined with the damage reflect from Mirror and frequent Doom Bolts, on top of all the other shit that was going on. It’s certainly an interesting way to exploit Mad Queen’s high ratio of offence to defence.

You implying he’s cheating? Nothing of the sort, it’s just Time Dilation being the amazing boss killer that it is.

totally agree on stronk. that is my intention of showing this .Not to prove the greatness of the celestial power, but it’s my way to tell designers how imba this could get to…

For all over 2500 hours I’ve played with game, I have been hoping nothing but that they could improve skill destruction for casters even though till this day replicating missiles and sky shard are the worst designed skills, wasting too much points to assign but never get to be destructive as we expect.

Taking MADQUEEN as example, very few caster BD could defeat her and meantime to keep efficiency. While a bunch of others just take seconds to end the boss battle…

Severe issuses for all caster BDs, big survival challenge with limited attack capability…

very disappointed to say, why designers of GD never consider the balance between builds and let extreme DOT builds the way they are and weak caster builds untended?

No really .just how buggy time dilation is becoming.

When it triggers on 50% health, all your nonactive skills will share the benefit of 8 seconds of zero cooldown

Mine is combined with nonstop attack from devastation and doom bolt while all damage from my side also enhanced by modified bloody pox, and damage from monster side reflected by the mirror.

I fully agree with you about the uninteded consequences and immense power of the new Time Dilatation proc - especially on a Sorceror or Warlock (like you are using :wink: and even a Spellbreaker !

I applaud you for your ideas: using the bloody pox transmuter + mirror + Time Dilatation was very smart vs the Mad Queen, even though I imagine it is a very risky practice that might result in death 1 out of 10 or 15 times. Still you are right about the GD caster problem. I suggest you post your perspective on the Ideas and Feedback board where devs might see it easier and provide your opinion on what you would like to see changed in

I don’t agree about DoT builds being OP, however. When it comes to high damage characters, they are worse than Blademasters due to one simple reason: they can’t lifeleach 90% of their dps.

Respect to your suggestion. I will forward my idea to the feedback board.

BUT comparatively speaking ,DOT is more OP than other type of builds. straight damage for an arcanist is somewhere between 50,000 to 80,000; for an piercing BM is 100,000 to 150,000; but DOT(bleeding especially) can cause 200,000 to 400,000 damage easily, maybe even more.

not sure what’s the latest data can be, but a fellow from my community has managed to pull of 700,000 damage with his bleeding character in V.1003. at the time being it was 10 times more damage than that of average caster BDs.

Life leech is a help to any character that requires close-up fight and relatively long-time battle. But DOT builds only take seconds to finish any engaged fight, so it doesn’t really matter to them because they are not required to stand against any bosses for longer time.

the Most bug is no matter wherever DOT source is from, they will add up and all enjoy Laceration’s crit damge enhancement.

It’s not only about the dots. Those BMs, SBs and WHs are so powerful because dual weilding doubles every flat damage bonus from other sources, and the damage types those classes use have insane amount of easily accessible resist reduction from items, skills and devotions alltogether.


not sure if you can open this link, but this is the buggy demo of bleeding damage in V1004.
None of the BDs you mentioned can be as close.

Personally I would like Crate to take a “wait and see” approach before deciding how much to nerf TD, if at all. TD has its strengths and weaknesses and making decisions based on a 3-second video would not be prudent.

I see TD as fixing measures to casters. But it’s still not quite balanced. there are already some BDs that could take out the mad queen in 3 secs by applying TD.

I stand corrected then. My apologies.

it’s not risky at all … the only risk you’ll have to take is when to activate mirror by time your health has dropped under 50%. very momentary, but not to challenge. after that ,all’s smooth since it only takes 3 secs to kill while you have 8.

You are right - I have reproduced your original ideas for different casters besides a warlock and it works with little to no risks if you are an experienced player (2k hours+).

Killing the Mad Queen like that is certainly cheesy… I mean, I couldn’t bring myself to farm her like that. When I killed her 100 times + with a WH to get her legendary a couple of times I actually had a feeling of acomplishment (especially since I did it with 0 deaths), but using the Time Dilatation proc feels almost like cheating right now :frowning:

Sure I don’t do that either. This video is like a bug-report, too stretching for a skill.
It’s very imbalance. However please allow me to enjoy it for a while since when a caster BD can harvest such a victory rather than being the footstone of other builds…

Turing of fate to magis…

Edit 1: you don’t have to be experienced as long as you have a mark of divinity…
at present, I am focusing on phantom blades build …which might be the most fragile bd of the whole game. and I dont reject death, since death should always make you better. Better understanding, better skill assignments, and better bd…:slight_smile: