Rashalga the mad queen needs a nerf, she does way to much damage.

Can’t kill her and I do lots of damage, the problem is the red thing around her.

I am 95% close range, I have said this a year ago and no change has been done to her.

You are telling me if someone is 95% close range they are screwed.

Nope, no build is screwed. Post your build here and I bet with some advice you will be able to kill her. All builds can and she is a secret boss so no need to nerf her

I agree with fluff.

it’s a boss / secret location which you can have the option to kill (this also counts for the 3 Guardians and Sentinel those are a challenge)

mad queen in that regard is even a bit harder just because she is in a secret location in a secret side quest.

it’s fine as it is

You shouldn’t facetank her unless you have Blast shield or Maiven sphere. Run away when she scream =)

I cant wait for more of this types of thread when expac comes… by then Rashalga is a thing of the past! am looking at you somersaulting crab! :rolleyes:

Crab is just an enhanced version of Rift Scourge. Now with Rashalga though, I hope they will buff her to cosmic levels, especially her aura. I want to see tears and despair.

You will need proper timing on your abilities and use the fight and run tactic. Post your build with www.grimtools.com and we can help. For instance if you don’t have something like warcry than u can use Oleron’s Blood it reduces enemy’s damage by 20%

I just hope the new bosses dont disapppoint… like you I want them bosses tough and scary. can the praetorians confirm this… I want my blood and sweat on top my keyboard after every battle:rolleyes:

New bosses are fun imo. But, if you are decked out with god tier gear you can’t expect them to be super hard anymore right?:stuck_out_tongue: Although some specific bosses may be challenging in their own right even after being decked out

Now this, this is the stuff I’m the most interested in. Thanks, Fluff.

glad to know fluff… My first Rashalga encounter was indeed tough granted I got less access to gear. Am going to do the same for expac, going for the basic self items. I wonder how many times I will die from these bosses. this better be exciting! :cool:

Hijacking this thread, are the non-mythical legendary sets still viable end-game with new level cap, I don’t want to farm them all over again considering how long it took to get some bullshit piece like Ultos’s Gem :(.

nobody has a clue except praetorians who shouldn’t tell so you have to find out yourself. Hunting new loot is part of the fun for me (just saying).

Yeah loot hunting is always fun, my main concern was only about the legendary sets. Since the mythical thingy works the same way as empowered, it kind of sucks that I can’t replace my Mantle of Dreeg with the new version without losing the proc, something like that.

Yup some builds can beat her others cant fact.

Just because she is a secret boss doesn’t need a nerf, that is the stupidest thing I have heard this day.

The Mad Queen is just a bland and uninspiring secret boss, that for some reason, this community likes to jerk off to it and put it into a pedestal, pretending like as if it was the best secret boss ever invented.

She is basically a DPS check, in that if you’re doing enough damage, you’ll eventually beat her and facetank her all the way to boredom.

A secret boss that involves no actual skill or timing, and that you can cheese down easily, so long as you have enough DPS… 10/10 boss design indeed! /s

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I can kill the 3 guardians those are easy, and sentinel was harder but I killed him.

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