Rather Weird

Edit: New Problem
Hi all, so its been a while since I played around with modding and i’m starting off creating a new mastery.
I have the mastery and skills etc working, resized the buttons in class selection to make room for 3 extra buttons.

The problem i’m having is, I select my new “Ranger” mastery, it goes to the “Ranger” mastery showing the name in the tab at the top, as well as on the mastery bar, I can spend points fine. Then I close the mastery, exit to menu, enter game, mastery is a black screen

Screen shots of problem

Removed the last 2 buttons for now, I can select Ranger and go to Then I log out, log in and I am presented with

Ok, problem seems to be that i’ve named my class and tags playerclass040, class040, tagskillclassname040=ranger and so on. changing it to “40” fixes the problem of missing tag on the character screen, however it doesn’t solve the problem of the black screen when I re-enter the game.

I’m not sure I recall what the black screen issue is, have you properly set your mastery enumeration?

Mastery Enumeration for the Ranger mastery is 40

Started the mod from scratch, ended up in the same spot, black screen after logging in with mastery selected. Whelp :frowning:

Check your PC should tree, everything has to reference class 40

So I fixed my problem kind of, I can’t use any other mastery enumeration other than 09
Didn’t realize you couldn’t skip a number, wanted to leave 09 open for the expansion.