Real-life Time in-game

It would be really nice to have an option to make the in-game time the same with real-life time. It would just look at ur pc’s clock and from that would make it night or day in the game. What do you think ?

How does it even matter? This isn’t pokemon.

No. Waste of devs’ time with no benefit. Plus if you play in the evenings/night real life you’d be perpetually playing in the dark ingame. :eek:

This, I would never use this option

Absolutely not, because i like it when ingame time passes faster. So you will see day/night cycles in a session

logged in to downvote, another useless feature! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! and at night the game looks the best.

That’s why it’s called an option ! so u will or won’t use it :wink:

Since I can’t see much on the normal gamma at night I don’t think so. And not all my toons have their wisp to help light the way yet. :eek:

since this basically means the option to turn the day/night cycle off, I’d say no.

Whilst I agree with this statement…

Why should devs waste their time re-engineering their entire day/night cycle system for a singular, toggle’able option that a good number of people would never use/know to use?

Also, Nighttime enemy skills/spawns when?!?!?

I can see this being a mod but as most people mentioned, it’s a waste of development time and resources.

Screw that… Dayblade mastery when???

I don’t really want any Beyblade skills like Whirlwind, though.

I think I remember this being a thing in TQ defiler. Been a while though.

Yes, in TQDefiler you could set time of day/night to whatever you wanted. It didn’t cycle though which is what The Grim Creeper’s suggestion would do.

Is there any program to change the time in GD an maybe freeze it to what i want ?

What are day/night skills/spawns ?

There aren’t any, there’s just engine support for it. There’s also engine support for enemies having a different skill at night.

That actually sounds cool and i wish the devs would use it.

yes, that is what makes it an option, but even an option must make some sense / have enough interest to justify the effort to implement it, otherwise I can think of a ton of options we do not have that maybe someone somewhere would use.

I think Soulseekkor’s long term plan for GDDefiler is to put some of the old TQDefiler mods like freeze time of day into that, but when that’s likely to happen only he knows.