Reaper has pretty much no acid dmg, why the acid set

I don’t quite get this design decision. The class (and arguably its core identity, wrt flavor) revolves around the themes of cold and vitality. I find it a bit convoluted that its dedicated set is built on acid dmg and converting cold/vit to acid.

The logical progression of a reaper is to build it as a mainly cold dmg dealer and then when you get your endgame set you just completely reroll your character, find new boots/belt etc and redo your devotions for poi/acid. It’s counter intuitive, imho. Plus it becomes a bit redundant with witchhunters.

I can guess that this will be made optional as more items are added, but if it were me I’d start with a cold/vit item set and then add the acid set down the road to give the players another option.

I’m currently working on the Deathguard set, the only set between nightblade and necro.
It is not likely no acid dmg. Half of nightblade have acid and poison, but don’t have significant buff/aura to boost them except a passive and a really good RR. While necro has non of those. Converting dmg works very well though.

I understand what are you curious about and how you feel. But it is a nice exotic set and could do surprisingly good job at it’s current state.

Yeah, dual wielding Deathguard Blades for 100% (with good rolls) Vitality to Acid conversion (wich also means Vit. Decay to Poison) alongside the full set could make some Acid/Cold WPS/Bone Harvest/Dot Reaper more than viable.