Reaper Phantasmal Blades Nood Guide Deleted :(

R.I.P :cry:

I’ve been following it lately and I’m assuming the guide was a victim of the roll-back. I had the page open on my PC but my power went out today (of course)… It would be super awesome if anyone who has a copy of the leveling section of the guide could share it here? I’m having fun with this character so far and I’m still not confident enough in my knowledge of this game to progress without the guide as backup…

P.S. I hope the genital wart who fucked with the servers gets horrific diarrhea in public :furious:

You can try to follow Nightmares cabalist build meanwhile, just ignore the occultist skills and get the nightmare skills Veil of shadows, Pneumatic burst, shadow dance instead of the occultist skills.

I am sure the op will put it back online.

Cutestory actually had my guide opened when the forum got nuked, and he (or she) very kindly emailed me a PDF of my guide.

I’m quite swamped as I’m on call at the hospital, but I’ll get to the guide in the next few days.

@sir spanksalot Could you you pm it to me? ^^ I Really love this build

i posted about this one in the compendium thread, i just started it too and was having fun

looking forward to seeing this one back up again :smiley:

until then ill do as malawiglenn suggested and follow part of that other guide he mentioned