Rebalancing Crossroads nodes

I notice that a lot of builds on this forum take the red and/or yellow Crossroads nodes because of the 5% health bonus. Very few/virtually none take the OA and/or DA nodes.

I would like a re-balancing of the nodes so that they all give more or less the same level of benefit whether early game or late game. For example, the health nodes could be changed to a flat 50 HP.

Some people will complain that they will lose some HP, of course. To counteract this, lesser-used constellations could get a 2-3% health bonus on one of their nodes. For example: Fiend, Tsunami, Magi, Hammer, Owl, etc.

This is sooooooooooooooooooooooo far down the list of things that need to be rebalanced.

Better would be to increase the OA and DA values on the nodes. 5% health is useful in all parts of the game. +15 OA/DA is trivial.

I think his point is that the crossroad nodes shouldn’t be THIS good since they’re not part of a constellation. 15 OA is the average OA bonus across most devotions that don’t have OA %. 5% health is just too good in Ultimate right now, I completely agree with the OP.

Considering every build is struggling for hps and most builds use just enough stats for gear and dump the rest on physique just for the extra hps, I doubt such a change is in the right direction right now.

So instead of fixing a problem that is not even a problem, you’re suggsting them to create another one for everybody?


If the fact that people picking the HP nodes is bothering you for whatever reason, then they should just buff the OA/DA nodes (perhaps making them add 3 % OA/DA instead of flat values) on Crossroads instead of nerfing the ones that adds 5 % HP :eek:

That’s one way to go about it sure, but then you just make the rest of the crossroad nodes required too. Imagine a 5-node constellation that gives 10% health, 6% OA, 3% DA and gives 1 of every color affinity with zero pre-req’s? That’s insane.

Imp, eralduspr:

You might have missed the part about adding a 2-3% health bonus to some of the lesser-used constellations. Since you guys like to complain so much let’s just make them 5%. Satisfied?


Thank you for getting the point, which was to balance Crossroads but not make it too powerful since it has no requirement.

So everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a whiner who ‘doesn’t get it’?

Learn to read what other people post!

I said the timing is not really right to remove the option for extra hps with alos of character builds being so squishy. That is an opinion, not a complaint.

The option wouldn’t be removed entirely; only relocated to other constellations.

Someone got really worked out :rolleyes:

I did readthe part where you mentioned about adding HP bonuses to other constellations, but what’s the point of changing it, if it will all end up the same? If anything, these so lesser used constellations you’re refering could get a buff apart from a nerf to Crossroads.

These HP nodes on Crossroads are ok as they are, since they grant a good bonus to characters very soon, without requiring too much investment, or even forcing you to branch through alternate affinities just for more HP…

I do agree however, that the OA/DA nodes are pretty lame, which is why it would be nice if they granted % OA/DA instead of a barely noticeable flat bonus.

Agreed with Dioarchet here…to an extent.

But 50HP is a lot more powerful at the earlier levels of the game than the later ones, and would easily dwarf getting 15 OA/DA when OA/DA additions don’t make much difference either (ever use a low level -of Attack item? No, neither have I). I think this would have substantial repercussions in that it would heavily influence the playstyles people get funneled into during the leveling process. Because while sure, 50hp at level 30 is meaningless, for the past X levels you’ve been going Chaos/Order affinity because that’s where you started from and that’s what you’re building off of. Yeah, you’ll respec it later, but you hamper diversity a bit toward the beginning of the game.

So I think a nerfing the % Health to something like 75 flat HP and then raising the OA/DA gains to 20-25 would be sufficient in making them appealing in the early game without overdoing it in the lategame.

How do you know newbies will be this short-sighted when picking their first devotion point? I would wager that most newbies aim to unlock a specific skill first. Then they would invest points as appropriate to unlock that skill.

Let’s also consider that most of the early nodes for constellations around Crossroads are really pathetic. The ever-popular Hawk for example has 15 OA as its first node. It’s pretty clear that Crate’s vision for Devotions is that the bigger the requirement for the constellation/node, the better the bonuses and skills should be. It would be a step down to go from a 20 OA bonus to a 15 OA bonus, wouldn’t it? At least now it’s going from 15 to 15 which isn’t a loss. Maybe a corollary to this discussion is that there should be a somewhat strict improvement of the magnitude of bonuses as affinity requirements and node depth increases. In this regard the most glaring issue to fix is Lion’s first node, which is just absurd.

Newbies? I was referring to minmaxers like us. Everyone levels, right? (inb4 trainer)

I like having the hp as it is. I think the OA and DA should be something like 1% or maybe 2 to make it more appealing.

The hp is handy on some builds that don’t get a lot, and don’t want to waste points on the tree getting things that don’t help them just to reach the hp nodes.

Anyway I don’t think it really matters :slight_smile: People getting 10% hp from the crossroads isn’t gamebreaking.

10% HP is a LOT. Its all opinions until Crate chimes in here with their design goals for the Crossroad nodes. TO ME, those nodes have 2 purposes: 1) they are temporary stepping stones into getting the pre-reqs you need for bigger and better nodes, meant to spec out of them once you get the pre-reqs, and 2) Dump 1-2 extra nodes at the end of Devotion speccing cause you have nothing else to spend them on.

What they are NOT, are nodes that “feel” required because they have the best HP % bonusses of any Devotion (double check me). The Crossroads has no pre-reqs so it really shouldn’t offer the best bonuses out there while also awarding an affinity per node, objectively, that’s insane for a single node.

Tree of Life has an 8% node and Scales has a 6%, Leviathan has 5%/+25 physique, that’s off the top of my head so there may be a few others.

Just realized you might be saying 10% is the best in which case Tree beats it with 17% (granted a T3 devotion).

Thanks for looking those up, I think these underscore just how OP the 5% crossroad nodes are. All of those nodes are only a little better or the same as the Crossroads ones but: The 6% one in Scales is 2 nodes into the devotion and requires 8 yellow to start. The 5% one in Tree is the first node but requires 7 yellow 20 blue (good luck to anyone going for this one), the other 2 in Tree are 3 and 4 node deep respectively. Leviathan is 2 nodes deep and requires 13/13 purple/green.

Compare all those pre-req and devotion investments versus spending 2 nodes total with no pre-reqs to get 10% while also getting 2 affinities at the same time.

I only take Crossroads nodes if I want to start building on constellations. Once, and if, they are self sufficient, I just remove them. The only time crossroads nodes stay invested in is if the constellations weren’t self sufficient, or nothing else at that point was as useful, as you say “5% HP”.

Reducing or rebalancing crossroads node power is definitely the right direction to take, but then you’d have to take a look at some of the other constellations to slightly beef up the starting node to provide more power i.e in terms of % HP, %OA/DA etc, or ofc rebalance crossroads nodes to provide medium-high flat bonuses.