Recommended classes for "pretty colors ranged" for wife

Hello my friends, I am happy to say I got a PC for the wife to play GD with me. In D4, she loves the colors and ranged combat of Sorceress like ice, fire, etc.

I was thinking setting her up with Alchemist, for Replicating Missile and aether ray. What other spells/skills can be impressive visual wise? End game viability doesn’t matter. If it is pretty and looks cool, we need it lol.

Thank you.

Sorcerers immediately spring to mind, as does mage-hunter. Multiple runes going off are really purdy.


Oh yes! Do you know if there is a modifier or gear that changes the color of Aether Ray?

dear friend, you can search item modifiers with grimtools item database Item skill modifiers - Grim Dawn Item Database

there is a modifier right on the skill that changes it from green to red :smile:

Check out these two builds from @mad_lee. Both feature stunning visuals as part of their procs, and are a helluva lot of fun to play…especially the Saboteur.