reduce resistance stacking help

Hi there something I am finding a little confusing with the game no matter how much I read about it is reduce resistance stacking. So I made a build that revolves around Calidors Tempest and Devastation along with a bunch of procs from gear the majority of my damage is ather. I have 3 items equipped that I think reduce enemy resistance to ather,

Maw of Despair: 20% reduced enemy resistance when hit.
Wrath of the ascendant: 20% reduced ather resistance 10% on crit.
Open hand of mercy: 17% reduced target resistance.

So 57% if they all proc together and stack but when I meet mobs that are ather resistant they still seem to take ages so do all these things actually stack is my question.

thanks for any help :P.

No, they don’t stack. Only the highest value is applied. Only -% reduced resistances can stack (for example, Vulnerability and Night’s chill). So it is better have 3 different types of enemy resistance reduction on gear or skills - 1) -n resistances reduced 2) -%n res. red 3) %n res. reduced. Different types of res . reduction can work together.

  1. Maw of Despair and Open Hand of mercy do not stack together. Same goes for the Essence of Ch’thon.

  2. Wrath of the Ascendant is “-20%” not “20%” and is 100% on crit, not 10% (jesus, that item would be shit if it would be 10%). Threfore it will stack (it actully stacks with similar -% reductions providing they are distinct debuffs).

“X% reduced resistances” requires negative resistance in order to be exploited to the fullest. Ergo, you should apply them last, after all -% (e.g. Wrath of the Ascendant, Widow, Necrosis, Plague of Shattered Souls, bla bla) and X reduced.

Using the A,B,C in the list,

Maw of Despair: 20% reduced enemy resistance when hit.
Open hand of mercy: 17% reduced target resistance.

these two both fall in category C and should not stack. Only the highest would have effect if both were to proc.

Wrath of the ascendant: 20% reduced ather resistance 10% on crit.

this one here is category B, and should have effect whenever it procs.

Oh so its the - symbol that matters I think I get it now so the ather resist on the weapon does say -20% reduced resistance but the other 2 don’t so I guess I am only getting 40% reduction at the most. That helps because the only reason I was using the hat was for the resist reduction so maybe I can change that thanks for the help.

Order of application is irrelevant. The game will always calculate the relarive reduction (20% from Maw in this case) last. This means if a target has 30 aether resisyane and you hit it with wrath and maw debuffs it would have (30 - 20 ) × 0.8 = 8 aether resist. With maw taking off only 2 points.

In case you cant tell relative resist reduction kinda sucks - unless you are packing some serious flat reduction to back it up. This is also why viper isnt worth a detour for many ele builds.

The debuff stacks with itself? I don’t think it does. Can someone confirm/refute this?

Good catch. I missed that mistake, a debuff will never* stack with itself.

*note that something like poison from 2 separate weapon procs, even if identically named, are exempt from this. Ie 2× Mark of Dreeg casts or 2× Assassin’s Calling

What I meant was that -% type reductions stack with themselves providing they are their own special debuffs, not 2x CoF or 2x VoS. I will reformulate to make the matter more clear.

And yes…applying a X reduced after -% reduced makes a difference. If the value is negative ( and it can be), things like Viper amplify the damage to a great extent.

I actually have the viper constellation but it was mainly for the constelation bonus I guess it helps the fire portion of my damage though. Really trying to fit in the arcane bomb one but cant seem do it without losing survival. But yeah this resistance stuff gets really confusing :stuck_out_tongue: