[REL] Grimarillion v76

Isn’t it supposed to be a simple (example):
ArchiveTool.exe d:\grimdawn\mods\grimarillion\database\grimarillion.arz -extract
Edit: apparently was supposed to use -database instead of -extract. Guess it’s on me :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit2: This just seems to create a folder structure (.records) that only has folders and no files?

I just want to edit some skills in grimarillion mod. Why doesn’t the AssetManager just create a nice list of what’s in the mod? isn’t that what it’s supposed to do?

I’m really at a loss here. The command prompt is mentioning all the files, but when I look in the directories, there’s nothing there. I even have “show hidden files” enabled. All the folders are just dead on empty…

Edit: Apparently you’re required to set an extract dir. If you don’t then it will pretend it extracts everything and even says “Hey everything is ok dude I extracted everything for you” but in fact it only makes the directories. This software seems very… crude?

It probably extracted to C:\ (or D:\ in your case) since you did not specify a target, no idea why you would have directories though

The proper extraction method is

“[Path/To/ArchiveTool.Exe” “Path/To/database.arz” -database “Path/To/Destination/Folder/”

You don’t need to extract the ARC files, don’t waste your time with that since you seem to be a bit inexperienced with this. For skill changes you just need the ARZ. Adding to this, as a preventative measure, make sure whenever you build any changes to remove the ARC files from your build directory because AssetManager will “clean” these arc files if you don’t have the source.

Hey guys! Here’s a bunch of easy meteor builds! Enjoy!!

Thank you, I managed to get it to work with your tips and alongside Serious_Stan’s first post here:

I just wanted to make my pets immune to all forms of cc because many heroes means their dps just drops to 0, and got that to work just fine by editing existing pet buffs to add those cc immunities. Thanks! :smiley:

The diablo items to build have a requirement from 3000 to 5000 physique. Is this a bug?

that is crusader only item. crusader have skill that -100% phy requirement when he hold shield.

Thx for info. Im looking foward to play him with a special 2H weapon.
To the devs: Diablo classes mod will get updated soon.

I’m enjoying Grimarillion a lot, great work guys, congrats and ty!

I have however a question, my builds don’t show up the mod guear in the main window, like staffs and spears and some armour, this happpens before and after loading the mod, so, in game the character is fine but once I go back to the main window my characters don’t show the mod’s gear, is there any way of changing this?

Thanks in advance.

Any plans on increasing the inventory space + bag size? Been testing the Reborn mod and really like the qol luxury that it provides. I wouldn’t mind if it was increased even more than Reborn does it! :smiley:

Here’s an example, as you can see from the picture the Mod is loaded, after playing the Mod, I went back to the main window and the spear I have equipped doesn’t show… .

Why does this happen? Thanks in advance.

I think it is becuase spear is mod-only weapon and it has no reference on main screen.

Nope, once the mod is loaded, if you come back to the main screen it should appear, altough, this happens to everything related to this mod, spears, armour and so one. Even the shields. Is this only happening to me? Does anyone know a solution?

Ty very much.

So it looks like mod content should load before it appears in the main screen. When you start Grim Dawn, all classes are marked as tag not found. It doesn’t really matter on main screen, if you have all of your equipment in game.

In game, everything is fine but, once I quit to main menu, all items from the MOD disapear.

So I downloaded the mod extracted it, put the 2 folders into the mod folder, it worked just fine on my old computer, but somehow everything works, my character loads, no problem but with every modded item spell or anything, I get these blue and white squares I reinstalled the mod, didn’t make any difference so please help.

You should not put the two folders in the mod folder, but the grimarillion folder… the two folders are inside it

it’s because you only downloaded 73c, read carefuly you need to download v73 v73a v73b and v73c and install them all

this should solve your problem

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Thank you kind sir! You’re a lifesaver !