[REL] Grimarillion v80

Found the fix for the vines. Will re-up Grimmest this weekend and make sure Asylum gets the fix.

I really wonder how many other monsters have changed since I took their gdx1 records for the mod, but since this is the main report I have seen, will just leave it to the players to find any other inconsistencies.

I hate to pile on additional work for the rest of the group, since I cannot be more grateful for setting up this mod, but I will add my reports on what I’ve been facing in this game:

  • The game does tend to completely freeze fairly often when traveling through portals, something I’ve never faced with the regular game. This issue is particularly nasty when trying to portal to/from inner Malmouth (the last portal in the game).
  • One other person also reported this as well, from what I’ve seen, but the Coven Witch’s Ritual [the quest you get by getting Honored with the Coven Witches], the one that’s supposed to spawn a Purple Stonegaze Basilisk, is bugged - the ritual keeps going on indefinitely, but no other enemies spawn that I can toggle. I can’t spawn the boss and complete the quest.
  • I’ll wait to report on the component issue until I see the fix Grimer et.al had proposed for it.

@medea - It’s possible that you were fighting Halion “the Rat” who spawns a few Manticore boss enemies in Grimmer/Grimmest. It might be that one of those Manticore bosses triggered the beating Mogara check - that’s the best explanation I can think of triggering that without having been in Pine Barrens.

I just dinged level 85 (please don’t reduce the XP gain, I love leveling quickly) and have 15 more devotion shrines to get before getting to 100/55. I can’t wait to take my character as a template and clone it to make other ones, bust open this game and demonstrate how nutty some of the class combos can get. :stuck_out_tongue:

thepowerofmediocrity, maybe but I’m not playing Grimmer/Grimmest. I’m playing ungrim. Don’t remember there being any manicores or Halion down in that area just before the riftgate, but there’s a lot going on and I’m usually too busy fighting to note hero/boss names.

I myself would love to see a reduced exp version if it is a easy global variable change and would not require so much more work. I am playing Grim Legion which I think has a perfect mob density reduced trash increased bosses and the greatest part is it has reduced exp. I am still only level 77 at elite and just got the coven.

Some other areas that has a boss fight where u get closed in also gets you stuck. +Crystals in last act.

Loving this mod so far.

But sadly endgame gets boring fast. No fun farming spots. No “ultimate feeling” everything is a walk in park. Fixing this will make players stay. Suggestions below. I have no clue what update/content that is coming.

  1. Rifts from diablo 3: Click an item in world/town and a window pops up. Put a Riftstone. “See what i did there :P”. Or something grimarillion stylish to open it. This would make you want a good build / farm gear to try beat higher tiers of rifts. 1000’s of hours of content.

  2. Harder bosses: Can be in rifts or new custom places.

  3. Custom crucible: endless crucible, timed endless crucible, or more floors in the crucible. Something else to do if you are bored with rifts. Played the normal Crucible and why play it when u reach the top floors. Gets boring if u can’t continue climbing and if its to easy.

  4. Endless levels: While being 100. Why is the experience just stopping that is so boring ;( why not make it like D3 Paragons. For every 5~ level above 100 you get 1 attribute point. Each 50 level you get a devotion point. If the game world scales really slowly with paragon levels, All content would be fun a bit longer also.

“Grim Level/Points” or Type your suggestions in comments below :P.

  1. More scaled loot. Why is there loot that is level 1-60. But don’t exist at item level 94? Take the same item and scale it and put it for level 100’s to loot. Would be an easy fix. But would also be fun with more new loot.

  2. Add Weapons with movement skills. Teleport, Charge, And so on. This way you can use the swap weapon key to move around faster. Its unfair that some classes has teleport and some don’t. The dropped weapons can have random cooldown/or something on the skills so you actually have to get lucky finding newer movement weapons. Or just remove/nerf teleport on those characters further. Example: Why is there no Teleport only if Line in sight? Feels like a cheater/gamemaster when using teleport.

Teleport line in sight would be awful I know. Maybe you can make it so you teleport to the wall if u can’t teleport. So even if you can’t teleport to where you wanted you will end up close to the place u tried teleport to.

Or add some kind of component that adds teleport, charge to Relic slot.

  1. Shattered Realm DLC will probably soothe that itch when it’s released, should be moddable too, so we will have fun tinkering with it.

  2. There’s already a few bosses and modified boss fights. The game is quite large and the amount of files we have to dig through is enormous to make proper bosses/heroes with fun fights.

  3. Crucible is not really moddable, it’s not worth our time to mod it.

  4. Not sure this is something we are willing to do.

  5. “easy fix” Lol. I love people who say things like this when they have no idea the depth of modding loot and loot tables…

  6. The upcoming expansion will bring many new movement skills that you can use, no need for us to mod it in. Just wait.

For number 5, it seems the second time I read something about loot level scaling, maybe I have some old files that need updating re loot.

There are still some bugs I reported earlier.

  1. There are some enemies just standing without attacking. These enemies are particularly conspicuous in the area of AoM.

  2. Ulgrim never surrender. If it is vanilla, once I win he’d say “Ugh, my head. I yield, friend. I yield”, but no matter how many times I defeated him, he would repeat the first conversation.

The new Cooldown system needs diminishing return. Any incoming fix for this?

  1. I see you posted two enemies with this issue, but it helps to know exactly which enemies have this issue. In most cases I will assume it is from spear/staff equips, but in the case of the Bloodkeeper or the Gutburrower… I have no idea, will have to look.

  2. Probably some Grimmest jiaco-magic required to fix this.

Elaborate? What are you talking about? :confused:

For those who are complaining about how the game is too easy and needs to be nerfed - post your builds in here (I don’t know whether this thread is appropriate or making a Grimarillion build showcase thread) and help the mod developers figure out what to balance. Writing one-line posts of “pls nerf” and laying a laundry pile of demands on the developers without any context as to what people are using in the first place isn’t going to accomplish anything.

I am personally a fan of Veteran and Elite being training / farming grounds (Elite has been fairly generous with Legendaries fighting anywhere that has multiple Boss encounters), while Ultimate being the Ultimate test, where people fear to tread without being completely ready for the action. It makes the Elite difficulty actually useful while ramping up Boss encounters to be really exciting. It will require balancing to tamper down some of the most broken stuff (I bet antolak is referring to multiple classes getting up to 50+ CDR thanks to the D3 gems and skills that grant CDR), but if people communicate and share their builds, it’ll make the process better for everybody.

I am new here for the most part and it seems as with Vanilla there are certain builds and tweaks that can make it all ez mode. I can see which ones that could be used in Grimar. I though disagree with nerfs to add more difficulty without compensating with additions of devotions or power for builds that are not OP. I feel really good myself about how Grimar plays as far as difficulty. It might be nice to see a exp reduction (optional only) just to allow for a more progressive feeling. However difficulty wise it is pretty solid.

I need 3 posts to be able to share links. I made some nice paint jobs to share below.

My Character Stats:

Build Skill Page 1:

Build Skill Page 2:

Devotion Points:

Fire/lightning damage Alot of Regenation. And Dmg Absorb/resist.

Cooldown Reduction Example: https://gyazo.com/bf3b29198f0043c158e6a61efaf857d7

Immortal ez mode. Requires 80%~ CDR

Feel free to use the Devotion build.
Devotion build is before the new Gem system.
Now you dont need resist/defensive stats.
So might be able to change devotion to more damage.
Just use (100% immortal uptime Lategame).

I don’t see anything from the Zenith Elementalist that grants CDR, so I take it Crusader’s Fervor + equipment is getting it that high? 80% CDR is definitely something that can get toned down, most likely through diminishing returns the more you invest in the skill. It also depends on what equipment you use to get the +4 to all skills, as the more skill points you have, the easier it is to making something absurdly powerful.

More reports on my end:

I can’t apply a 2H augment to my 2H staff. 1H augments don’t work either, so it must be that augments don’t work with staves.

Putting aside the fact that a level 50 spear requires 550 cunning (more than level 94 guns), I assumed spears are melee weapons, and if they are, Wolverine’s reduced Cunning requirements are not working on them.

Fervor 14/10 = 14%
Royal Diamond = 10%
Equipment = 50+%

There’ll be some nerfs tho

AFAIK it’s only aom augments that do not work with staves, I’ve already fixed it for the next update just waiting on some stuff from Grimer, unless there’s something else I need to delay the update for…

Melee weapon requirement reduction can’t be fixed on my end. This is an engine bug not a mod bug. Unlikely to be fixed. :undecided:

I also found this with Polished Emerald and Scavenged Plating at Isiah’s in Homestead in ungrim mod 60b.

Maybe some balancing is required but the thing I like about this is the choice. If I want 1 experience I choose Zenith another I choose D3 and another I choose Vanilla or I can mix and match. Once things start to get into nerf bat mode because a few people have found some absurd OP combo (which there always will be especially with a compilation mod) the compilation in question becomes less diverse. Then long term like with Vanilla we are faced with a pigeon hole effect for optimal builds for overcoming challenging content. D3 builds are indeed powerful and perhaps gems need some tweaking or at least a change to when they are available (max gems @ 50 perhaps) but the builds are also incredibly fun and different and because of the additions built into the skills and gems like CDR and resistances it allows for more diversity in devotion choices and equipment choices. Ultimate as we know is all resists and overcapping them as well as physique and other defensive building. Which squeezes out many optional builds. D3 added the diversity back in for me because of what is offered right in the skill lines and the gems. I like my Holy Hunter a lot. Please if you do nerf be gentle and minimalist in the approach. =)

Looking at this again, I noticed another bug.

Remember this post?

Well, the same case applies for spears. The more updated spear requirement formula results in the spear having a smaller cunning requirement. (Same item is 491 with no req. reductions)

Future drops will be fixed and current items will be fixed.