[REL] Grimarillion v80

Excuse me but I’ve already managed to solve it, sorry

Is anyone else able to get Borea’s Swirling Storm to trigger any procs? I just tried with Elemental Storm and I think the lack of any direct damage (all dots and debuffs) is the problem here…

Hello all. A friend and I picked up Grim Dawn over the summer sale and have been playing it for about 10 hours so far. We’ve noticed that it is very easy though, so much so that it is not very fun to play through. So I’m looking for something to increase the difficulty for us so that normal mode and up isn’t just a slog through until you get to elite.

It looks like Grimarillion has an included mod in it called Grimmest that makes the difficulty harder from what I can tell. Does this hold true throughout the game, or is it mostly tailored toward endgame? Also how balanced are all of the classes this mod adds? Might be silly to ask, but I have played very broken overpowered mods before and that’s not very fun for me either. Are all of the classes mostly around the same power level? Can I change classes once picked, or is that permanent like the base game?

Lastly is Grimarillion compatible with just the base game? We haven’t bought the expansions.

Thanks for the help!

difficulty should pick up about halfway through

it spawns more heroes, depending on the setting considerably more, starting from the beginning

Zenith classes are considered to be a tad OP, the rest should be around where GD is

no, same as in base game

the current version requires both expansions, I doubt there is any version around that requires neither, but the one for AoM only still might be available

Thanks for the reply! Also shoot, I was afraid it might need the expansions, but that’s understandable. I was just hoping it might also be able to be played without.

I know this is a Grimarillion thread then, but if anybody knows any difficulty mods that works with just the base game without expansions, that would be appreciated!

You can try some of the other difficulty mods, I don’t know if any will work properly without the expansions.

adoomgod’s Multiplayer Enhanced:

jiaco’s Grimmest:

kanjineo’s Density Increase:

*Note, he has many versions of the mod, look for one that suits you, if any. Some of them are of a different balance than the main game, so tread with caution.

There might be a few others but you’ll have to look through the forums.

Is there going to be a ungrim 68 version?

grim and ungrim have been merged, there are no two versions any more. You instead speak to someone to change the difficulty on the fly

I just figured that out when I finally launched the game. oops. thanks.

Think it might be possible to change how Nature’s Force of Nature is spawned? It spawns out of a flower like the Sylvan Nymph, but this entire animation takes around 5 seconds, using up 25% of it’s duration doing nothing. Perhaps it is intended, but I don’t know if other “dies in 20 seconds, 40 second recast” summons suffer from this situation.

hello, i m new with grimarillion mod, but i love alread it.
I play an Outrider/Rogue named Fatality Jane, pistol/shield, poison acid vita. Very good combo ^^

But i found i bug :frowning: , the barricade doesn t work, it doesn t block enemy , make no damage, and doesn t proc devotion skill.


Sorry i don t speak english well, i learn with rpg games ^^


Unless I’m mistaken that barricade skill and the ice wall skill from Elementalist need to be reworked as they don’t work properly right now. Perhaps in the next update of Zenith?

Whew, that burial cave in the Outskirts is hard on Alcho. 7-8 heroes hanging around the entrance nearest to the riftgate. I gave up and went around to the other entrance to give myself some manouvering room with my Gunhexer yesterday.

You’re nuts playing at that tier! :grimacing: I would play at level 1 at the most. But even then I’d rather have 4x normal mob spawns than increasing the heroes.

Well, not sure, but that seems to be the lowest until you turn it off completely.

Ah, might be… The names were a little confusing.

I felt that even the lowest setting would make each fight quite long which in turn made the whole progress extremely slow.
But at Ultimate max level I would probably pick 4x normal spawns (when that is added) and level 1 extra heroes. But by then you’ve made a decent build so it’s not as problematic.

Yeah, that’s the only problem with the mod, it is slow going it you actually have it on. Plus so much loot to collect that slows down progress as well.

Yes, that too. I had to turn off components and everything except blues/purples. And even then it’s too much :grinning:

Not much use with a new character though. They need stuff to sell to have iron to buy more stuff. :rofl:

Yes iirc alcoholic is the lowest without turning it off completely.