[REL] Grimarillion v80

I was able to access the Oasis after reinstalling everything but I still get regular crashes.

and I have crash every 3~5m , I use grimarillion_v73c_color_02 new version.1 When I drag some looting item , crash. I don’t know what happen lol very stressed

  • I find reason , some recipe cause crash. I got recipe forgot name , drag that recipe , crash and only recipe remove. if I can , I wll find that recipe’s name… I don’t know yet name :smiley:

Same happens to me, I crash every 5-20 minutes.
Seems to have been fixed by disabling item tooltips on the ground. Weird that I’ve never had any crashes in 600 hours before while using the same setting.

No it’s a test ring, doesn’t drop !I only use it to change modifiers and test things.

I’d like to start a new run of Grim Dawn but with this mod.

Where can I find some discussion about builds, items or PSAs? As some recent posts seem to point, there may be some bugs with the most recent (73c) version. Is that still the case?

Nexus has a Discord link listed but it is outdated and no longer redirects to anywhere.

Hop over to the GD Discord, there’s a mod discussion channel there where we talk about this and other mods.

Ah so it isn’t just me that crashes randomly…

Ranged Expertise - Maybe I’m losing my mind (my wife’s been saying that for years), but the Inquisitor’s Ranged Expertise appears to be having no effect on +Elemental Damange or +Attack Speed whether I’m wielding 2 pistols or a 2H ranged weapon.

Fire, Cold, and Lightning modifiers show no change, nor does Attack Speed.

Anyone else seeing this?

Prolly broke it by accident when I added staff support

Oh, okay, but are there plans to fix it?


I had no idea it was bugged til now, I’ll fix it eventually but I am waiting for other stuff so it might not be very soon.

Pet skill modifiers on an item lacking any pet stats.

No problem, thanks.

Storm Nimbus is a reasonable alternative and works.

Thanks again, keep 'em coming. :+1:

I there, I installed the version 0.73 a b and c accordingly, and the game does start, I hear the main menu sound but no image, all black.

u have any idea why?

Chain crash every time in act4 if i wanna leave the underground camp. :confused: Mod “re-instal” low/high settings… nothing helps.

Sounds like you installed it wrong, somehow. The mod should not affect the main menu at all.

Try disabling auto tooltips.

I simple overwrote the files version 0.73 then 0.73a and so on… is there any other way to install?

Ps: I am using 1.1.5 version not is there a problem?

Could be. Update to the latest patch.

Yup alrdy disabled. Its work in act 1-3 but in act 4 still have the problem.