[REL] Grimarillion v80

none of the files listed are the grimarillion.arz and none exist… the latter is why you get these errors

That reminds me, I’ve downloaded a mod before (not this one) and got a baited link that may have had a virus. I told the author and he updated it. That’s my only explanation for getting a mod file that doesn’t contain the proper files to extract. The one I downloaded had an .exe and I was smart enough not to execute it, LOL. There’s alot of websites that prey of unsuspecting individuals who aren’t using the proper download links.

In the case of the unmentioned mod, the reason is the host decided to remove his download link and bait it with a virus. Pretty mean huh?

Not sure what the moral of the story is besides be careful. :wink:

Been playing this mod for like half a week quite a number of hours. Playing a summoner and am closing in on level 50 and about done with act 1. The reason for this is I’m playing on normal/veteran mode at the highest difficulty possible. It’s pretty insane but having a blast…

Luckily the only bug I’ve encountered with the new official patch is an item that wouldn’t sell to a vendor, LOL.

Updated the Rainbow File for GD v1.1.7.0 + Grimarillion v76.


Any plans for additions of lightning and aether pets and player scaled pets? Seems to be severly lacking in base game and mods. Also is the Spectral Hunter that was removed from Hunting mastery going to make some sort of comeback via items or something?

As someone who loves playing summoners i made a list of items that grants pets. Anyone can tell me any others i am missing?

Summoner’s Totem - Summon Furnace Wyrm
Divine Helios 4 pc set - Summon Sun Nymph
Divine Band of Souls - Summon Furies (player scaled)
Sigil of Bast relic - Summon Sabercat
Divine Shavo’s Relic - Summon Fire Djinn
Spirit Blight Relic - Summon Spirit Blight
Razor Claw Relic - Summon Hyena
Divine Atalanta’s Bow - Summon Dire Wolf (player scaled)
Divine Shikigami - Temporary Spirit summon

I really love this mod and thank you for all of the work you have done with it.

I do have a request that seems very minor and whiny but I am going to man through it and and post it.

I was playing a Storm/Nature Grim Quest pet class and it was a lot of fun. I realized that I could make staves for Titan Quest characters with Pelanis so I made a few and got a real nice green.

My problem is that ever since then I have went back and made hundreds and hundreds more staves and nothing has gotten close to the stats that I have on my level 32 staff.

My request is add the option to craft staves (and other Titan Quest/Zenith classes) for only certain classes instead of having the full range of classes be randomly chosen for each crafting attempt.

So instead of “Titanslayer Lightning Staff” you would have the option of “Titanslayer Lightning Staff of Storm Mastery” and Titanslayer Lightning Staff of Nature Master" or something like that.

It is probably too much work for such a fringe case but it would nice to see it in the game.

Again, thank you for all of your work. This mod is how I have played about 90% of the hours I have put into this game.

You can look through this link and see if there are some other pet items mentioned.

It is a great guide for all things pet related in Grimarillion.

Thanks but hadn’t noticed anything extra over what i listed. At least item wise.

From the top of my head, I can remember a few more pets than the ones you mentioned:

Ethereal Veil relic grants two player-scaled pets
Mythical Voo’s Juicer gives you a player-scaled pet
A D3 Epic Item I think is called Raiment of the Garwulf gives you a pet-scaled pet
The Belt of Transcendence gives you the Slaved Soul pets from Witch Doctor when you kill an enemy
The D3 Legendary set “Pestilence” gives you a group of pets as the 4-pc bonus; they currently don’t work, but Grimer mentioned a fix will come in the next update.
The D3 Epic sword Mythical Skycutter gives you a player-scaled pet

I’m waiting for the Grimarillion update before I re-visit the database, but that’s what I remember from memory.

Thanks i should have mentioned in my post i was talking about Grim Quest mastery items hehe.

If we mention D3 items there are still the Spider Queen’s Grasp which summons Ungoliax Spider Queen.
There’s Blackfeather vest which summons a player scaled Fire Raven and the Embodiment of the Marauder’s set -which summons temporary player scaled fire turrets.

Asylum, why are there items like spears and shields for rupture when it’s a 2handed skill? Am i just confused or stupid lol?

Is it possible to get grimarilion without stasher?
Mine invenory cant fit intro screen becouse of screen ratio.

You can adjust UI scaling, hopefully it fits then. There is no version without stasher

If you’ve been playing Grimar for a while you may or may not remember a time when Rupture worked with all weapons. Since it used to work with all weapons, there are a variety of weapons that never got updated since Rupture got reworked as a 2h skill. I’ve already fixed these items for the next update, if anyone’s curious as to what will happen to them…

*All versions of Lord Seth’s Blade replaced Rupture bonuses with Volcanic Orb. Divine version now has skill modifiers to Volcanic Orb.
*Divine Lykaion Malleus now removes the 2h weapon requirement for Rupture and adds a 1 second cooldown to it. Dual wielding Lykaion Malleus uses both hands for attacking.
*All versions of Scale of the Black Dragon replaced Rupture bonuses with Flame Surge. Divine version now adds 0.5 second cooldown to Flame Surge, modifies damage by 25% and converts 100% physical and fire damage to Chaos.
*All versions of Ebon Greatshield replaced Rupture bonuses with Heat Shield. Divine version now reduces Heat Shield cooldown by 0.5 seconds and adds 12% retaliation damage.
*All versions of Sun Disc replaced Rupture bonuses with Rain of Fire. Divine version now adds 3 second duration and -1 target area to Rain of Fire. Also added -18% Fire Resist modifier to Squall.
*Removed Rupture skill bonus to Onuris Spear.
*Divine Onuris Spear Rupture skill modifier changed, now adds 40% weapon damage to Rupture.

If there’s any other items let me know and I’ll check to see if they’ve been changed already, sometimes I forget to update my changelog but I’m pretty sure I went through most items with rupture bonuses and reviewed them

I’m in the process of completely redoing the affix tables for GQ items. Zenith items can stay as is until Ceno eventually updates… When I’m done, you can expect the crafting recipes to change. Instead of Titan Slayer gear for the various damage types you will have Titan Slayer gear for the various GQ classes. (eg., Titanslayer Earth Staff, Titanslayer Dream Staff, etc). There’s still going to be a degree of randomness to it because … well it’s crafting, if it was guaranteed for certain stats it would just be a unique.


Thank you thank you! Any change will be much appreciated! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Just a quick question.I am playi Defend/champion i use banter as my main damage skill.Banter has modifiers but no link.Does it still add the modifiers?

Nvm im being stupid i forgot i can just test it with the one that add +5 recharge and it’s working fine

Can someone explain to me how Ravage from Spirit Mastery works? 8 charge levels , does it means i do 30% of my normal damage as the 1st hit and 50% as the 2nd and so on?

I am doing a charge skill right now with Shaman. It’s 0% bonus on the first hit, and if 30% is the first charge, 30% bonus on the second hit. The way you are describing it, it sounds like you are saying there’s a damage penalty. I’m not so sure about that…

I looked up the skills you are talking about and I am confused by what you are saying since it’s attached to a constant debuff aura. Is it different in Grimarillion?

Yes. Asylum101 has changed many of the TQ skills to better match the GD universe/theme.

OK, cool. Then all I can say is the first charge shouldn’t occur until after the first hit, unless there’s an exception in the skill description. Then the third hit would be the second charge.

Hi, I loved this mod. I am playing Earth / Nature and I realized that Kodama does not cure Core Dweller, despite the description of Kodama (Regrowth and Dissemination) abilities saying that it heals all allies. Is this a bug or am I getting it wrong?

PS. Sorry my bad english