[REL] Grimarillion v80

Pet skill modifiers on an item lacking any pet stats.

No problem, thanks.

Storm Nimbus is a reasonable alternative and works.

Thanks again, keep 'em coming. :+1:

I there, I installed the version 0.73 a b and c accordingly, and the game does start, I hear the main menu sound but no image, all black.

u have any idea why?

Chain crash every time in act4 if i wanna leave the underground camp. :confused: Mod “re-instal” low/high settings… nothing helps.

Sounds like you installed it wrong, somehow. The mod should not affect the main menu at all.

Try disabling auto tooltips.

I simple overwrote the files version 0.73 then 0.73a and so on… is there any other way to install?

Ps: I am using 1.1.5 version not is there a problem?

Could be. Update to the latest patch.

Yup alrdy disabled. Its work in act 1-3 but in act 4 still have the problem.

Game crashes when summoning core dweller with divine code of Hammurabi

Someone know solution for naked char in char select screen? some item is fine for select screen. but some item showing naked in select screen.

@Grimer or @okami29

Heaven’s Fury crusader ability is causing the screen to go black with just the pointer visible. It’s completely random when it does it, I can play for 2 hours before it happens or play for 20 minutes and it happens. I’ve tried adjusting down my video settings and it had no effect on the frequency of the black screen.

Is there any place where i can find names for all classes combination?

i wish there was a way to play online with friends without having to re-enter the game all the time to have spells work if my friend is the one hosting. but hey everything cant be perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:

hi… where i can download V1.1.5.1?? give m link plz

nothing we can do about desync issues

If you want a rainbow file for Grimarillion v73c, it’s a “grimarillion_v73c_color_02.zip (1.4 MB)”.
The file is compatible with Grim Dawn v1.1.5.1.

If you want a rainbow file for Grim Dawn v1.1.5.1, use the WareBare’s tool (Rainbow Filter).

I wonder what happend to the XP Rate to Grimarillion.
We are a group of 3 and we miss the old XP Rate. Like now it feels so slow (even with 100% xp potions).
Is there any chance to higher it up? Cause we really lost interest because of the slow progress, even it is one of the only good mods.


Xp rate is the same as vanilla, completely untouched

I think that this table is outdated. Occultist and D3 Necromancer combo is Demologist.