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Just wanted to drop a comment that I really enjoy the new rune mastery, it has fun gameplay - timing the large exploding rune, lots of small mines and the runestones! I thought I’d combine it with Inquisitor for even more runes, but Runemaster has so many things that getting Inquisitor is kind of redundant :smiley:

Nvm its me being stupid forgot custom colors

Did devotions get updated with the GD patch? I didn’t see duration on Bears Maul skill.

From the v1.1.8.0 patch notes:

“Maul: has been redesigned as an AoE debuff that causes Physical damage with Attack damage Converted to Health and Armor Reduction. Maul can now be bound to additional skill types. This may cause your skill assignment to reset.”

I’ll check for 77a, still waiting for the reports to slow or stop before I release an update.

360%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE20201006214848865 It is a bug?

Either a bug or you need to update your Rainbow Filter tool.

No, that is a bug. Invalid skill profile always is.

I use latest Rainbow Filter tool,maybe a bug,I see it in v76

Latest version of Grimarilion is v77 so update that.

Titan slam main skill lacks localization tags atm

I have found a problem with v77 when using GD Stash. Basically the DataBase import aborts with two error messages.

I went to Nexus website and found a relevant post at GD Stash from its Author:
“Grimarillion v77 does not successfully import into GD Stash right now due to some issue with xpack.arc. I am not entirely sure if the issue is with the .arc or with GD Stash, but the table of content in it has an issue that has GDS read a bitmap it does not ‘like’ and then throws an error and aborts the import.
When I unpack the arc and create a new archive, I do not have that issue, but GD seems to be ok with how it is, so it seems to be some detail of the archive format that I not aware of, cannot identify and therefore cannot react to (at least without taking a second, longer look).
So right now I’d recommend importing Grimarillion v76 if you want to use GD Stash with Grimarilllion.”

Right now I can only use GD Stash with Vanilla Grim Dawn database import while playing Grimarillion v77. Is this something that can be fixed?

No idea. Maybe you’ll get lucky and next time I build the mod it will be fine, but it’s not like I went out of my way to make a cursed arc file, built it the same way I always do.

@ASYLUM101 @mamba

I had the same GDStash issue and repacking the xpack.arc worked. While extracting the archive (with ArchiveTool.exe) I noticed that one of the extracted files was marked as (null) instead of the file name in the console. Extraction reported 1464 files in the console, while extracting the repackaged files only reported 1463 files in the console. The actual resulting directories are 100% equal, containing 1463 files. I’m assuming that one of the entries in the .arc is invalid. I do not know anything about the file format, so I can’t provide deeper insight. I assume that Grim Dawn ignores such invalid/null entries, while GDStash seems to trip on them. I’m not certain, of course, but this seems to be a lead at least.

Repacking the archive and uploading a new version of the mod should solve the issue. Alternatively, GDStash could be updated to handle/ignore such entries, if that is indeed the underlying issue. Maybe this information can help you identify the issue in any case. :slight_smile:

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The issue is slightly different as I saw it when looking at the arc via GD Stash. While there is one unused file (doesn’t have a proper name) at the end of the ToC, that file actually references a texture (and probably the one that should be referenced by the previous entry, based on size). You probably end up not having that file in your new arc.

The texture GD Stash is stumbling over is the one referenced by the second to last entry (for which this is the wrong texture, based on size and type). It is a format GD Stash does not know and therefore throws an error, but if the arc were correct, that entry would not be pointing at that texture in the first place - or there is some rule that I am not aware of that makes GD handle this case differently.

In any case, I hope the next arc won’t have this issue, otherwise I will have to take a closer look to see if I can identify a rule here that I can then implement.
But the problem as I understand it is that in the ToC one file points to a wrong texture with the next ‘nonexistent ’ file pointing to the correct texture of the previous file somehow. If there simply were an unused file at the end, this would not be an issue.


New Mastery !! Yeah ! Thanks for the update

@Grimer @okami29
hello! have one question - whats wrong with Monk skill Mystic Ally? seems like it doesnt work, can u check? thnx

I see that love for the Rune Mastery was included in the staves that Pelanis makes. I was trying out the class and tried to make some Titanslayer belts. After 100 belts I thought I would ask if Rune Mastery was included in the Titanslyer craftables? I didn’t find any Rune Mastery belts with my crafting. Not a huge deal I was just curious about it before I try crafting anything else for Rune Mastery. (BTW - I love the new staves! TYTYTYTYTY!)

Taking my time on these fixes, got a new bug report almost every day, but caught them all I think.

v77a Changelog

*Updated several skills from vanilla GD. (thanks mamba)
*Updated Shattered Affixes.
*Updated Diablo 3 (again, should be properly updated this time)
*Tweaked Grimmest, Zeke seems to be behaving now.

*Reflection (ring): Replaced the missing skill bonus with +2 to Weapon Training (Warfare)
*Draupner: Fixed an issue where the attribute requirement was higher than intended.
*Andvaranaut: Fixed an issue where the attribute requirement was higher than intended.
*Andvaranaut: Fixed an issue where the granted “pet” had the same granted skill as Draupner.
*Apples of Idunn: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Svartalfar Oath: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Wheel of Taranis: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Gambanteinn: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Gjallarhorn: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Carnyx: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Golden Belt: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Seidr Bones: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Singasteinn: Fixed an issue where there was no completion bonus.
*Hunger of Limos: Updated bitmap.
*Babylonian Spear: Fixed an issue where it wasn’t included in the Babylonian Raiment set.
*Divine Firewalker’s Staff: Fixed an issue where it wasn’t dropping.
*Might of Hephaestus: Updated proc, reduced cooldown by 1 second, reduced target max by 5, increased damage, and enabled to be used with all melee weapons.
*Crimson Gem of Cytorius: Fixed an invalid skill issue.

*Changed skill bonus of Stormborn prefix to Thundering Typhoon to prevent GQ Staff crafts from gaining +8 to Breath of Boreas.
*Changed skill bonus of Venomancer’s prefix to Poison Mayhem to prevent GQ Staff crafts from gaining +8 to Poison Gas Bomb.
*Changed skill bonus of Brigand’s prefix to Piercing Bolts to prevent GQ Staff crafts from gaining +8 to Lay Trap.
*Changed skill bonus of Vindicator’s to Psionic Drain to prevent GQ Staff crafts from gaining +8 to Psionic Burn.
*Removed all craftable spears except the one “random” spear craft. (Sharp spear, etc)
*Added runemaster affixes for all titanslayer crafts. If any seem to be missing, let me know, just keep in mind there are lots of affixes so don’t expect them after 2 crafts…
*Updated tags for some older GQ prefixes. (They now use affix names that represent their class names)

*Updated devotions. (Bear was the main update, very little other changes)

*Fixed an issue where Batter wouldn’t work with spears.

Battle Standard - Glory:
*Fixed an issue where this was still using the old “pet” files.

Summon Liche King - Bone Fiend:
*Moved around some textures in hopes of fixing missing textures issues for some people. I haven’t had these issues myself so this is pretty tricky to fix…

Runes Mastery:
Thunder Strike - Unleash:
*Removed screen shake.
*Changed FX to play on every enemy affected.

Torch Rune:
*Fixed an issue where the skill was missing several skill levels.

Runic Mines:
*Reworked. Due to weird bugs that prevent the skill from summoning all of the mines in tight spaces, I’ve had to make many tweaks to get this skill in a way that I like it, but also in a way that keeps it functional.
*Increased mana cost greatly across all ranks, due to losing a mana cost modifier on Rune Field.
*Reduced cooldown to 4 seconds.
*When cast, now summons a single rune which fragments and creates 4 more runes around it. (total of 5 runes)

Runic Mines - Rune Field:
*Reworked. Due to weird bugs that prevent the skill from summoning all of the mines in tight spaces, I’ve had to make many tweaks to get this skill in a way that I like it, but also in a way that keeps it functional.
*Now causes each summoned mine to create additional mines (tooltip will say 1 projectile, but each mine x 1 proj = 5 more mines), plus more mines with rank. The mines summoned from this modifier are technically projectiles, so their duration is much shorter than the “main” mines (4 seconds if they
*Removed mana cost modifier, added to the main skill.
*Removed cooldown reduction, simply reduced base cooldown by 1 second.

Poison Gas Bomb - Poison Mayhem:
*Updated the tag. (forgot to change the tag from the TQ version)


While I was waiting for bug reports, I took the opportunity to clean up some of the skills in Zenith that had autocasts and try to have them behave the same or similar without the need for autocasted effects - the idea is to minimize potential crashes/desync issues that these autocasts seem to be causing for some people. I also went ahead and reworked a few skills that seemed like they were completely broken (like wall skills in the last update) or using mechanics that were outdated or just unfun. Life leech has been replaced in every place I could find it with vitality damage/adcth, terrify with confusion, and a few other things were changed. I’m probably going to regret having done this but I hope most of you appreciate this.

Terror Knight:
*Mastery terrify retaliation replaced with confusion retaliation.

Banish - Blood Rage:
*Merged the autocast into the skill

Banish - Smite:
*Chance for terrify replaced with confusion.

Engage - Nowhere to Hide:
*Replaced % cooldown reduction with flat cooldown reduction

Conquer - Fortuna Adiuvat Fortis:
*Replaced life leech damage with flat vitality.
*Added 100% Attack Damage Converted to Health.

Whispers of Madness - Inescapable End:
*Merged the autocast into the base modifier, replaced fear with confusion.

Blood Siphon:
*No longer deals “Life leech” damage. Now debuffs nearby enemies, causing them to take vitality damage for 6 seconds and heal the player for 100% of the damage dealt.

Blood Siphon - Thirst:
*No longer increases “Life leech” damage, increases vitality damage instead.
*Added life leech resist reduction.

*Removed Fear proc, no more chasing down your enemies.
*Added confusion onto the base skill.

Lust for Carnage:
*Autocast buff removed.

Well of Fears:
*Terrify replaced with Confusion.

Combat Art - Revenants:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.

Combat Art - Dreadnaughts:
*Reworked, now grants a merged, singular bonus at 66% HP, instead of incremental bonuses.

Combat Art - Warmages:
*Removed WPS. Now gains the Solidify buff when hit without the need for autocast.

Combat Art - Hell Hunters:
*Removed autocasted buff.

Combat Art - Desolators:
*Reworked as a toggled buff, deals damage in an AOE when hit.

Might of Magic:
*Removed autocast chain, instead has a 50% chance to create a secondary orbiting fragment.

Elemental Flow:
*Reworked, now only provides defensive bonuses at 50% HP. Offensive penalties removed.

Ice Surge:
*Increased base cold damage.

Ice Surge - Ice Nova:
*Reworked, now triggers an AOE when the ice beam kills an enemy.

Citadel of Ice:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.

Archmage’s Sorcery:
*Merged proc and skill.

Sinner Sorcery:
*Merged proc and skill.

Battle Sense:
*Now triggers on crit instead of chance on hit with autocast triggers.

*Removed autocast.
*Now functions like Cadence, firing 4 extra projectiles and dealing bonus damage every 3rd shot.

*Moved all stats to Refract.
*Now functions as a buff that deals damage in a large AOE when you take damage.

Providence - Refract:
*Moved all stats to Providence.
*Passively grants stats while Providence is active.

*Now has 100% pass through chance on all ranks, instead of only 9+.
*Removed projectile speed modifier.
*Radius increased to 1 meter.
*Added 33% Health Reduction.

Concussive Blast:
*Drastically reduced cooldown.
*Increased knockdown chance to 100%, flattened duration to 1.5 seconds.
*Damage reduced, but now scales with ranks.
*Energy cost scaling adjusted.

Arcane Assault:
*Fixed an issue with the guns not actually shooting enemies properly.
*Fixed an issue with the guns dropping their guns on death.
*Now summons up to 3 guns.
*Gun duration reduced to 10 seconds, scaling up by 1 per level.
*Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

Arcane Assault 2:
*Fixed an issue with the guns not actually shooting enemies properly.
*Fixed an issue with the guns dropping their guns on death.
*Now summons 1 permanent gun, unlocking a second at rank 10, and a third at rank 18.

Stratagem of the Spellbreaker:
*Now summons the totem only.

Stratagem of the Stalker:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.
*Now triggers 25% on hit.

Stratagem of the Hell Hunter:
*Merged autocast proc with skill.
*Now triggers as a toggled buff.
*Added flat OA and a health per second cost.
*Now uses the Aura of Censure FX.

Batter - Fervent Force:
*Reworked to function as an on-hit buff, no autocast needed. No longer builds up attack speed but gains an immediate boost on hit. Reduced speed scaling to compensate.

*Reworked, now functions similar to Vindictive Flame or Counter Strike, so you must activate it first.

Litany of Blades:
*Reworked, now functions similar to Vindictive Flame or Counter Strike, so you must activate it first.

Earth Shatter:
*Reworked, now functions similar to Vindictive Flame or Counter Strike, so you must activate it first.

*Moved health bonus to Courage.
*Removed chaos/life leech resistances.
*Aether Retaliation moved to Courage.
*Reworked as a castable buff which does drops aether meteors in a radius aroound you for a short duration.
*Cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
*Duration increased to 15 seconds.

*Increased health scaling.
*Increased aether retaliation scaling.
*Reflection changed, now reflects 100% of the time but the reflection value is much lower.

Everlasting Might:
*Lowered HP trigger to 100%. (101% is not needed…)
*Added flat lightning and aether retaliation.
*Added flat damage absorb and health regeneration.

Everlasting Spite:
*Now triggers at 66% HP.
*Grants damage reflection, % total retaliation modified, % OA, flat HP.

Everlasting Strength:
*Now triggers at 33% HP.
*Grants %DA, %HP, and % total damage modified.

*Reworked, no longer heals on kill. Now grants a 1 second regeneration buff whenever you are hit, cooldown and regen amount scales with rank.

Bulwark of the Stalker:
*Reworked, now triggers on hit and buffs the player to have all the previously listed buffs, even those from the autocast. (thus the autocast was removed)

Bulwark of the Judicator:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.

Warp - Thunder:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.

Riftblade - Lightning:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.

*Removed autocast proc.
*Added stun to base skill.

Swap - Rout:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.
*Added stun.

Swap - Push the Advantage:
*Reworked into a shield buff separate from Swap that triggers when you take damage.

*Renamed to Maim.
*Reworked. Now works as a temporary aura that deals % hp reduction to nearby enemies and slows them while in the aura radius. Radius and duration increase with ranks, as with the old multi task.

Multitask - Maim:
*Renamed to Multitask.
*Reworked. Now hits in an area around the player with a nova whenever the base skill hits an enemy. Weapon damage scales less than the old Multitask did, but crit damage was also added to the skill and the base radius is 6 m at all ranks.

Skirmisher Protocol:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.

Desolator Protocol:
*Fixed an issue where this had no activation chance.

Saboteur Protocol:
*Removed autocast skill.
*Reduced elemental converted to aether to 50%.
*Added 50% elemenental converted to chaos.

Spellbreaker Protocol:
*Removed autocast skill.

*Removed flat life leech.
*Reduced ADCTH by about 25%.
*Added scaling % Healing, up to 25% at cap.

Reaper’s Glare:
*Reworked as a “drain” template. Every other functionality is the same.

Reaper’s Glare - Bonds of the Broken:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.

Reaper’s Glare - Reign of Chaos:
*Reworked - now emits fragments across the screen while channeling Reaper’s Glare.

Primordial Transfer:
*Fixed an issue where this skill wasn’t actually affecting the listed area.
*Increased duration to 15 seconds.
*Removed autocast.

Soul Seeker:
*Reworked as a modifier to Primordial Transfer.
*Buffs the player for 15 seconds when Primordial Transfer debuffs an enemy, granting the same resists that are reduced from Primordial Transfer.

Situational Awareness:
*Moved Cooldown reduction to Arcane Experience.
*Added armor and % armor.

To End Evil:
*Reworked, now functions as a castable nova.
*Added 50% damage reduction to nearby enemies for 2 seconds.

Obsidian Prison:
*Life leech per second replaced with flat vitality damage.
*Added 100% ADCTH.

Leech Grenade:
*Fixed an issue where this was using the wrong cooldown reduction. (multiplicative, does nothing if you have 0 cdr)
*Reduced chance for CDR by about half. (similar to Oathkeeper’s Aegis)

Unadulterated Power:
*Reworked, now retaliates in a 5m area while the buff is active.
*Removed conversion and % damage.

Defender of Death:
*Removed DA and damage penalty.
*Reduced damage absorption.
*Added flat DA and % Chaos damage.

Reaper’s Fragment - Pursuer:
*Merged autocasted proc with skill.
*Removed Chaos modifier.

Reaper’s Fragment - Sinner:
*Now also reduces elemental damage dealt by enemies affected by the debuff.
*Autocast proc removed.

Reaper’s Fragment - Judicator:
*Reworked as a passive, damage scaling reduced but triggers on all attacks.


to be safe, make sure you backup your characters before you play in the new update.


Updated the Rainbow File for Grimarillion v77a.

Edit : 10/14 updated for Grimarillion v77b
Edit2 : 10/17 updated for GD hotfix1
Edit3 : 10/18 updated for Grimarillion v77c
Edit4 : 10/22 updated for Grimarillion v77d