[REL] Grimarillion v80

Hmmm, I must be getting rusty. Better pay more attention going forward.

Diablo 3.4 has been updated with some bug fixes… Hope this mod can be updated soon :slight_smile:

Grimarillion still is on D3 3.3, so it will be more effort than adding some small bugfixes :wink:

Understood. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Nature’s Permanence of stone does not seem to be working well.

Using Heart of Oak does not change pet’s resistance.
Sorry if this has already happened.

Also, Nature’s Call of the wild and recovery skills have been greatly weakened, making Mastery worthless again.

The jade jewelry set only seems to drop the circlet. Never found any other piece of the set but i regurarly keep finding the jade diadem. Also would be cool of some +skill bonuses to grimarillion classes were added to vanilla items but i guess that’s a lot of work.

Please do something about the Fire Nymph (Earth+Dream Armor set)… She gets stuck in her attack if her target dies before she could attack it… Dont know if its her teleport or bad AI…

Using Heart of Oak + Permanence of Stone changes pets’ resistance fine.

Is it possible that you did not have a pet summoned when you use the buff? Many player buffs only show a change in the pet’s resistances when you have a pet summoned. I am able to confirm the buff is working properly.

Earth ally is supposed to grant you health boost yet i see no increase in my health when using one. Armor and physical resist bonuses work though.

Asylum, you might want to change the Rupture skill name in either Elementalist or Earth; atm they both have a skill entitlted that. Can get confusing when you find/craft an item like this. :wink:

Of course if it applies to both skills even better! :smile:

Zeke appears when I visit the TQ merchant or the blacksmith in DC. I wasn’t summoning him, just looking to see what was on offer. Made a few staves at the merchant and a Ranger’s Ribbon at the blacksmith.

I think he does that for everybody… but it has no impact on the game… just annoying :slight_smile:

I dont think the master mind skill (Dream) give all the pet bonuses i supose to give… speed works fine but off. bonus dont give anything to pets :slight_smile:

Iirc he used to. But I haven’t seen him recently, not that I craft that much ingame.

Master Mind is working fine, all the bonuses are applying.

known issue, not much i can do about it since I don’t know what causes it.

Or you can just look at the text and see it is greyed out and realize that means it’s not for you :wink:

Yeah, but when you’re using both Ruptures it’s confusing on an item that says +1 to Rupture.

Really not my problem. If all the masteries were from the same mod sure, but they’re not.

Hey, Man

Been enjoying the mod. The rune class is enjoyable to me.

Did you design it or was it compiled from another mod?

I think it is does well.


It’s a TQ mastery, same as the other GrimQuest masteries. A late addition as it is from a newer expansion.

As with the other GQ masteries, by now it is more an ‘inspired by’ than an exact copy.

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Hi folks, hoping someone can tell me what the hell I am doing wrong. Is it not possible to use a character made in Grimarillion in crucible without using an character export tool? The best I have managed was for crucible to recognize my character, but at level 1. Thanks for any help!