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Recipes/formulas don’t carry between mods, the end.

Unless you are talking about the satyr smith, there is nothing anyone can do about it. You will have to copy your formula files over yourself.

This has been happening in the main game as well. Try finding a blueprint and learn it, I think that triggers all the normal ones to then appear at the blacksmith.

That fixed it. Thanks a lot.

Good to know, glad that fixed it. New bug I guess.

Hey. I dont know if this have been reported but the little girl is missing from Devil Crossing. Instead of little girl NPC. I still have cursor change to “talk to” icon position where the little girl is. It say Tag not found: tagNPC_FactionTable_GQ.

Don’t understand why Zenith classes are getting complaints,the D3 class combos can be just as OP. For example, Dark Cleric (D3 Necro + D3 Crusader) pet build is insanely durable, with +3 to all skills (Jade ring+amulet/Cartouche) i get 8 skeletons, 5 archers and a bone golem (who alone gives 23% damage absorption to everyone at 19/16), paired up with a 13/10 Laws of Hope (325 damage absorb + 18% physical resist to all allies)

14 pets which all gain 23% damage absorb, followed by 18% physical resist and 325 damage absorb per hit? Yes please. Toss in more + skill gear and… well. And let’s not forget vanilla classes like Purifier Canister build (overleveled Ulzuin’s Chosen, Shard of the Eternal Flame + Barrelsmith’s Destroyers set for those who love blowing things up), along with other vanilla builds which are just as capable of plowing through the game on ultimate.

Most importantly, we can all agree that this mod is fun as hell, just enjoy it the way you want to :slight_smile:

PS: Any love for Witch Doctor? Corpse Spiders are kinda crap (long projectile travel time, spiders need time to walk up to enemies and bite them and they expire way too quickly) and fetishes don’t last long enough, especially since other summoners get permanent pets.

yep, I did double Necro and its crazy OP, but then I was like SOB I really need to finish main game on campaign, but its so boring without Grimarillion

now I have a level 30 boring Nightblade with no second class yet, cause I like poison but nothing meshes imo

Hi are this compatible with the latest patch?Reason why i am asking just came back after sometime and my old char still works but when i made a new char she had no teleporter from town or from burial grounds

wanna really op?) play riftstalker+wizard

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Yeah it should be fixed in the next update. It’s from a failed experiment that I forgot to remove.

Doesn’t help that you’re using “OP” items to boost your skill levels. :smiley: Cartouche Ring is an low level item though, not sure that would be a viable option in later levels? The Jade Set too, doesn’t really provide much outside of the +1 to all skills.

But yeah. Just have fun, we try to keep insane things in line, at least, Grimer and I do. Zenith just has a handful of over-the-top skills and passives that work too well with everything so they seem OP. Without the skill level bonuses from the “satyr crafted” items, I don’t think people would still agree that Zenith masteries are so strong.

Well, double dipping two “clone” masteries (aka with extremely similar skills and passives) will always end up feeling broken.

As for NB with poison… if you’re playing vanilla, Occultist is a decent option. For Grimar, Nature, Rogue, Necrotic, maybe Witchdoctor? I dunno, been awhile since I’ve played any non-GQ masteries. (I only test masteries for bugs, I don’t play anymore)

I’m not sure I understand the issue. You shouldn’t have the town or burial ground portal on a new character.

Technically, the set gives +2 to All Skills - the amulet gives +1 and the set bonus gives +1. The Jade Set is perfectly viable at Level 100 because it gives a great amount of %DA, Elemental Resistance, and Poison Resistance. It’s great to have multiple options for +1 to All Skills since most of the non-vanilla classes don’t have many gearing options to get skill bonuses.

There are a good number of +All Skills items that are definitely OP (I’ve used the Eurydice’s Wedding Bands in most of my builds, and the Epic amulet I’ve mentioned in my last build is busted as well). How you want to nerf them, it’s up to you, hopefully if it involves OA / DA, you just reduce the numbers instead of removing them entirely, as OA / DA is hard to get while you’re also going for your required gear. Sadly, most of the +All Skills items are around level 40-60, so if you miss them while leveling, you have few options. There’s the Jade Set, the Black Pendant Set, I forget if there are other craftable rings that you can use with the vanilla amulets like Essence of Beronath.

Sorry i am not fluent in english.Ok let me explain.I made a new character.I did the first part of the game to burial ground.Did the first quest there and i used a portal to tele back to town but town had no portal.So i reloaded the game and went to portal in town but there was no open portal at burial ground and everytime i open portal the map would start far up north for some reason,

Ok got it sorted just reinstalled the game and walked to burial ground again fixed it for me.Not sure why it gave me problem first time :smiley:

Are there any plans to approach the author of the D2 masteries mod and add them to this mod? D2 Necro is FAR more powerful then D3 necro is. D2 Necro skeleton Warriors are major tanks and can take a lot of damage. D3 Necro skeleton warriors are made of wet tissue-paper and tinfoil.

I honestly don’t mind some class combos being OP. The enemies are OP too, it just evens the playing field a little.

I don;t think they have enough mastery slots left to add all of D2. I also believe the D3 skeletons are exactly as strong as the vanilla GD ones (seem to remember that was mentioned somewhere) in which case maybe D2 is just OP…

Actually, it feels like the D3 Necro skeletons are quite a bit weaker then Grim Dawn necromancer. Least on Grimmest version you can’t start out as D3 necro cause the skeletons die in 2 hits while GD Necro at least summons 3 skeletons at a time.

I guess D2 skeletons seem OP because with that mod, you focus on stacking as much + skills as possible (like in original D2) instead of a lot of pet bonuses.

D3 skeletons are actually a bit stronger than the vanilla GD ones in Grimer’s most recent update. I can’t compare to anything before that but yeah…

In terms of resists, D3 has better resists, and in terms of attributes and life, D3’s again have more.

To compare D3/vanilla skeletons with D2 is wrong because I don’t think the D2 masteries are designed for vanilla gameplay. Adding to that, because the balance systems will probably be different, it’s clearly not going to be possible to add to Grimarillion without some massive changes.

As for OP skills, well I’m fine with things being “fun” so long as it’s not making things completely stupid in terms of balance. I understand the need for +1 to all skills items and have no interest in removing them all. A few adjustments, sure. But when someone says all his endgame builds are using the same rings, even on different builds, it might need looking into. That said, I’m not in a rush to do any drastic fixes yet. When the time comes I’ll try to retool some of the jewelry and staves that give general +1 to all to be more mastery specific.

I don’t know itself, why D2 skeletons is OP. I just copied existing. :rolleyes:

just got to playing outrider today

level 20 now

Gun pet is an awesome killing machine

Just double checking. This mod touch Epic and Legendary gear and recipe drop rate?