[REL] Grimarillion v80

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Thanks, I got it successfully. However, the power seems to be much weaker than the previous spear.
Did you weaken the damage of this spear?

Edit: Because the cunning needed for this spear is lower than before, the underlying spear seems to be of poor quality.

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Here is an item color coding file for Grimarillion v63a.
See here for usage. And be sure to delete an old version.

Thank You really much :)!

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As you seem to have only changed the database entries, you will need all the .arc files of the mod. That should fix your missing tags and images etc.

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I would love also to see bows from TQ and the new mastery from Ragnarok :slight_smile:

If you can figure out how, sure I’ll add it. But I’ve spent about 2 years or more working on grim quest, had them flipped at one point but then a patch came out that broke my fix, so they are backwards again. Don’t have time or interest to fix them anymore. I’m hoping one day Ram and his boys will figure out and help me out.

Bows are already in, as best as they can be anyway.

In the event that you haven’t fixed this yet, I can confirm via GDStash that all staves that are supposed to have pet bonuses are missing them. Hopefully that narrows down what you were looking for.

I’ve seen the new staff affixes and the random green staves with +skills to Zenith / GQ classes. Very interesting work you’re putting into this. Having +3 to a powerful GQ or Zenith class goes a long way to making a build concept work marvelously.

Question for you I’m playing with a friend and he is playing a demon hunter, but the ability rapid fire, fire support but he is killing me with it LOL, is there some way I can fix this? your help would be greatly appreciated.

Interesting work, probably more work than I should be bothering with to be honest but I enjoy the challenge. I must be some kind of masochist

Are you playing on PVP mode? Do you have any other auras active? Needs more information, can’t really say anything without any info to go on…

Nope no pvp, but I think it was a bug because we both logged out and now we tested it again with both him and me being the host and it isn’t happening anymore. I am playing a fortune friend I have engine of war and envenom weapon, my engine of war is tied into engine of peace and envemon weapon is tied into occultic venom. he is playing an executioner and is using rapid fire he only did damage to me when he had the 12 points into it and gained the second ability from it so I don’t know if its a bug hopefully this helps I’m really bad at explaining stuff and ty again for answering back your help is greatly appreciated. If you need any more info just let me know.

Hello. First of all, a big thanks to all contributors to this wonderful project. It’s a great and thrilling experience. There are a couple of questions I’d like to ask:

  1. Does the Ungrim version not include the D3/TQ masteries? I installed it two days ago and all it had were the GD masteries into a differently colored character selection window. It’s not an issue with me, as after that I installed the complete version, as the Witch Gods intended, and it’s just awesome and challenging so I won’t settle for less :smiley:

  2. Again, not a big issue with me. Certain weapons don’t appear equipped in the character selection menu. From what I’ve seen so far, staves and D3 weapons, like Odynson. I don’t really mind and I’m not sure if this is not just a problem with my selection screen or not.

  3. Can I assume that D3 mastery skills that work with WPS are all melee/ranged attacks that don’t have a cooldown and relatively small energy cost? I’m asking because I noticed that, for example D3 necro’s scythe or Demonhunter’s elemental arrow have the “doesn’t work with WPS” in the skill description, but some other “autoattack” skills don’t mention WPS. Although it’s logical to assume that skills like those I mentioned, that have some measure of AoE or strong modifiers would be too OP with WPS procs too.
    But for others there’s some grey area. For instance, i wasn’t expecting exploding palm to work with them. Not that I’m complaining, as it works incredibly well with the nightblade’s dual wield line WPS, especially shears (didn’t get to execution yet). So exploding palm Windrunner is a damn effective and fun build, that need not change. I’m happy to SS in, have stuff explode and then gracefully slide out on a piece of bacon :smiley:

I apologize if these questions have been answered before in the thread. It’s quite lengthy and, at a first glance, I couldn’t find these issues being discussed. Also, if I have other questions regarding the builds/masteries/gameplay, could anyone please recommend the appropriate thread? Probably it’s in the Discussion section, but I couldn’t locate it…

  1. Ungrim should have everything except Grimmest, but I am not really sure how Asylum is doing this.

  2. You have to load a toon into the mod, and then quit to main menu. Now the game has access to the modded database and things like dual-mastery names and special items from a mod will show up in the main menu.

  3. Best to leave for Grimer to answer.

Any threads about mods should typically go into the “Modding - Discussion” forum, we do not have a lot of sub-sections for specific gameplay aspects within modded games.

Thank you for answering, Jiaco. I may install Ungrim if I find things to iffy once I reach Elite, though I doubt it. Will also try exiting the game and restarting, not that I really mind. I’ll also better check the Discussion section and maybe start a thread there. Cheers!

Nothing to see here.

Grimmest is open source and Grimarillion is a community project but updating the mod and releasing it as different versions is currently done by Asylum.

Grimmest is getting really old in spots. Meaning: some dbrs in the mod were grabbed from extracted sources obtained before AoM, let alone all the other patches since then.

After FG I was going to try to finish Grimmest, but with RL issues, I really have doubts. So if someone has modding skills, an interest in Grimmest and the desire to release multiple versions of Grimarillion, that would be a dream for me as I could be replaced essentially and Aslyum could pass the duty he took from me on to the new member of the Grimmest/Grimarillion team. Is that what you are offering?