[REL] Grimarillion v80

A shout out to zsolt16 tx for the mild version of Grim.

I was already 100 in elite before I finished mammoth.
So I was doing a char jump by doing the warden on normal taking over to elite doing the warden then jumping to ultimate & trying to do it that way. I seem to need that carrot of leveling up so getting to a 100 too soon I didn’t like.

Havent gotten very far yet but im liking it. I think cutting the exp gained should be included in the grim. mod. Ive noticed bosses are very easy as only being one now. but im only on normal so far.

This mod is still my favorite. I don’t know if base game upgraded something or what but Im not crashing like I use to. I know it had something to do with the blood guys before I hated the voids because of it. But Ive done them all & haven’t crashed. Who knows as been noted trying to figure a crash bug isn’t easy. Just wanted to take the time to say thanks again.

Going to majorly +1 this. I love Grimarillion, but I actually love the toned down experience rates while maintaining a chunk of the chaos from Grimmest.

In my ideal little fantasy world, Grim Hell would be merged into zsolti16’s variant of Grimarillion so that the boss difficulty would remain high while maintaining the original vanilla feel of only one boss all the while retaining a slower rate of leveling.

I’ve worked on the spawns since then, it is better now, i’ve missed alot of hero type bosses that spawn multiple times in that version, maybe i’ll upload the new version tomorrow.The problem is that grimarillion masteries are way too strong, thats why bosses die that fast, maybe 2 bosses are more suitable for grimarillion afterall.

Storm Thunder Ball transmute that reduce CD 100% not working :rolleyes:

I’ve just checked out Grim Hell and i love it, i ll try how it feels with grimarillion.

Here is the Grimarillion Grimmest
ot so mild/ version 63c, what it does?:
-single bosses, but they have more hp, on ultimate its very hard!
-hero monsters have a bit more hp
-normal spawns are a bit less=more fps
-Hero spawns should be the same as grimmest (maybe less because of less normal spawns)
-exp is halved (we still lvl very fast imo :D)
-AoM creatures have fixed spawns (some had too much)
-not recommended for HC, take this as a challenge!

Link https://mega.nz/#!FFtn2YRL!KxZVeDfYJHh6ac-GafbsTlkzxx3m6eNQJKX-Tqr2eQc

IMO, these changes could be put in Grimmest and by extension Grimarillion. Would you be willing to share the dbrs?

I might even do this too. If have to touch this stuff again. It was meant to be this way.

is there kind of tool which can let u pick up all gear make u level 100, give u 300 poins 55 devotion points and etc… for letting us make builds and test better build ?

Yes, it’s called GDStash. :smiley:

does it work with Grimarillion ?

Yes it does.

Ofc, i’ve just changed some numbers around, as for the less spawns i’ve kept most of your max/min spawn settings with some changes here and there and set the global multiplier to max 1 (i don t wanted double stuff), for the bosses, i could not make some of the mini-boss types to spawn only once so i’ve just copied the vanilla settings(i know its bad), bosses like Falion the petmaster boss/Balthazar etc, these doesn t have on death spawns anymore which i wanted to keep but couldn t make it work, anyway, here is the working folder i’ve been working with https://mega.nz/#!Id9hGSjZ!ndOzXgWTJGMnzrm5RsOT8UzlTl4PEMvGdFgYF_6s33E

Hello, I am playing Grimarillion 63c, not Ungrim, Normal, not veteran.
My char is Lev 44 and I have been playing multiple characters over the last week with no issues, until now.

I have the quest to kill Master Ravok in Fort Heron for Kymon’s Chosen (Enemy of My Enemy. I’m not new at GD and I have killed him many times before in other mods/Vanilla.
I went there and the boss area was full of boss spiders, but no Ravok. Could they have killed him, so I lose kill credit?
I know for a fact I lost credit for killing the big ogre dude in Old Arkovia, I had
to reload to kill him to finish the quest.

After that I went back to Arkovian Undercity to finish killing Laudos Vagra, Rhovena Kur (old Scars quest), they were gone too from their spawn areas.
(I usually skip the second half of this area to rush to Homestead, early game)

I recently lowered the difficulty from veteran just to level up faster/keep from dying so much and the only other mod that I use is GD Item Assistant for external stashing/DB.

Anyone have any ideas on a fix?
I could just skip the quests, they are sidequests anyway and I am not in Ultimate. I have not tried to start any new quests and check npc’s since the issue started.

Thanks for any help, and thanks for this amazing mod. Ax

Thanks, I have downloaded it. Not sure when I will get around to even looking at it, but there have been a lot of rainy days as of late.

If you could add 1-3 hero spawns to bosses that doesn t have it, that would be the dream, in my edited version i’ve had the best warden krieg fight ever, that fight is perfect.

see attached

Those recipes will be removed, don t bother with them.

so dont download 63c if i want the massive mob count still?
i havnt played in a while and am trying to update the mod and love massive mob density

This is an in-between version, it has not that many mobs as grimmest but much more more than ungrim + it has single and stronger bosses for the challenge, if you want huge mob density download the grimmest version from the main page. I’ve just made this version for myself, and thought to share it with others.

Based on the skills description your default weapon attacks should now be able to hit up to 5 enemies on a 220 degree arc (or maybe I’m interpreting this wrong), but it doesn’t do anything, really wanted to try the Desolator class but this skill here is what really sold it to me.

I even used the counterpart passive skill “Desolators” thinking it was required to utilize this one, doesn’t make a difference.