[REL] Grimarillion v80

I dunno what you’ve done but you can use GDStash to recreate your items.

Asylum, just a general idea to consider, if we really want bows:

  • staves become 1h wands and take daggers slot;
  • all wands are given simple projectile skill of their corresponded damage type, so they still can be ranged if necessary and will not proc WPS;
  • we have just the two skills (in Spirit and Earth) which have been designed with the staff projectile in mind. I’m sure, you’ll tweak them to be similar with the new wands without innate projectile;
  • all daggers become swords with their respective stats, as we have nearly zero skills restricted to daggers only (if at all) and the difference between base weapon types in vanilla GD is pitifull;
  • now, we have empty slot for bows and a new interesting weapon type with potentially new viable builds!

I do realise HOW MUCH effort and time such changes will take, so it’s just an idea to consider, maybe to dwell upon, etc.

Once again, endless gratitude for your modding deeds and dedication!

This takes us back to the problem that daggers cannot have projectiles. I mean, maaaaaaaaaaybe I could alter the dagger weapon template to mimic the current staff template (hypothetical, I have never even tried something like this and have no idea if its possible). So then I would have a bunch of “wands/staves that are technically daggers” that can shoot projectiles.

Two? Rupture actually doesn’t need staves anymore, if that’s what you’re referring to. I want to remove the ternion template as well tbh, because it causes me issues with devotions. (extra work for me = :mad::mad::mad:)

Could just use the “scepter” qualifier for that and rename it to something else, like caster melee or implement (as they were originally announced as), this will allow them to still be restricted for things like that one devotion. (lantern?) But that is the main issue - having to reassign the template for all the vanilla daggers is easy work, but it requires me to import those things into the mod and thus they lose the ability to automatically update every time Crate changes them.

but this is all theoretical, I prolly won’t ever have time to do something like this.

The main idea of my suggestion was to give projectile skill (i.e. projectile spell) to all new wands (as they can’t have inherit projectile).
As so, ranged wand builds with WPS will not be possible, but wands still will be able to provide ranged attacks (if necessary).
In my opinion, staves now are mainly used for their bonuses, not for ranged attacks (Ternion|Rupture were the only reasons when were exclusive to staves), because their attacks proc only some WPS and not ranged ones (which are really important for non-spell ranged builds). So their usage as primary attack source is limited.
Thus, new wands will take staves place in terms of bonuses and in terms of limited primary ranged attack source, but without WPS completely, alas.

And if we have the necessity to compensate somehow inefficient ranged attack (via skill) of new wands, you could make those skills with different effects by damage types. So, you may create only 1 ranged spell per damage type. The effects are obvious, e.g. fire = % of splash/ignite, lightning = % of arc/stun, ice = % of slow/freeze and so on.

Once again, the result is the new weapon type with the new builds possibilities (via new wand spells) and a free slot for bows.

a lot of work to add bows, which we do not really need as we have rifles and crossbows already as 2h ranged weapons…

at least in TQ I frequently used staves to attack, never just for their bonuses. Don’t see why this would be different for a mod of the same masteries

Thanks! I will give that a try

Ok sure, in the case where I can’t modify the template, this might work. Adding a skill to every wand will be a pain.

Not really sure what you’re trying to suggest here. Some kind of modifier for wand skills? Eh, dunno how that would be possible.

Still, it’s an incredible amount of work for (imo) minimal gain. I’m with mamba, I don’t see the need to have both crossbows and bows. If it was a simple addition, sure but to have to rework sooo much stuff just to add it… it’s just not worth my time.

Many thanks for this mod, I love all the classes in it.

Is it possible to make tweaks to the mod for my own play style (I prefer grab and smash’ increased skill points and shrine devotion points for instance)

I assume it’s not possible for me to modify this mod without the source? (I’m new at this, so bear with me hehe)

Yes you can modify it, you will have to extract the mods content, but first you have to set up your asset manager(aka extracting game database to your working directory). If you have no idea how it works it will be a bit of a pain, as i had to figure out from the guide and ask around here on what to do. A good starting point is the GD modding pdf guide and the forums. And it depends on what you want to modify, if its only database, then its very easy(everybody can do it), but if you want to add new stuff then its more work and needs advanced knowlege.

Long time listener, first time caller here. Thank you for picking up the mod and continuing it. I never even played Ashes more than a half hour before waiting for Grimarillion to be updated. Asylum101, roughly how long do you guess it will take after launch before you can issue an update, or even just an update on the mob density? I’m not asking for a firm commitment, just a best guess.

Yea that much I thought I’d figured out, I extracted the game files, extracted the mod database using archivetool
I thought I had to copy the mod files into the working folder/MyMod, then build the mod, but it’s missing all the graphics in the UI for the custom classes and such.

Ok since this will probably come up a bit, here is my forecast on compatibility with FG release:

*skills and masteries should be fine. Oathkeeper will be locked until I unlock it once I update post-FG. (will try to make a small update asap for that purpose)
*Items from FG should spawn just fine. I don’t think we edit any of the loottables, we only add to mastertables (which means it should be ok)
*Devotions should work, I’m a playtester so I’ve been on FG for a while, and unlike AOM release, devotions didn’t break this time.
*Density changes for FG should be automatic, meticulous adjustments for bugs/overly difficult encounters will prolly take a long time unless people don’t report them - then they will never come. I’m not usually the guy to manage grimmest spawn adjustments so I’m not sure I will really know what I am doing but I’m sure I can manage.

afaik there should be no huge conflicts. But again, we will see and it requires you guys to report bugs. I don’t really play the mod so…

Will you give us one last AoM update for those who aren’t buying the expansion? There will probably be a few holdouts that wait a few months before buying the new expansion, so if Grimarillion gets updated and any updates require the new expansion for it to work, it’d be nice to have a definitive AoM version still on the front page so people don’t ask repeatedly.

yes /10char

With my two latest posts, I am just 3 build posts (1 from the Rogue feature and 2 from the Crusader feature) away from finishing my Compendium, at least for now. I haven’t heard anyone talk about it much, but I hope it’s been helpful for those looking to make new builds, and just in time for FG release, too.

I have to update the guide as well as all the D3 and other changes make most of my work obsolete, but it’s nice to sit back and actually be done with the whole thing.

Yeah, it’s a huge help to people who are new to the mod. I’ve definitely given several referrals via discord.

Anybody know how to get the new loot filter to work with this mod? The loot filter works perfectly fine with Reign of Terror but with Grimarillion EVERYTHING is hidden no matter what I have selected to show. Iron, potions and components are all hidden even though by default they are selected to be shown.

Try your Hide All Loot toggle button… I have no issues and no one has reported anything.

Hi, I was wondering if I can receive help on a problem I am running with?

When hovering my cursor over the bottom left skills of Necrotic from Zenith, the Grim Dawn crashes on me. This also happened to me when running with an Outrider character.

Here’s my computer specs:

Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
System Manufacturer: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
System Model: MS-7A38
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor (12 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Display Card: Radeon RX 580 Series
Display Memory: 8112 MB
Dedicated Memory: 4041 MB

Computer specs won’t help anyone I think, at least it wouldn’t help me.

Tell me more about your character that has the zenith crashes. Masteries, mastery level, player level, gear, etc. Or just post your character file.

If it’s not an isolated issue, it’s some kind of weird conflict or recursive bug. I just tested them on a level 2 character (mouse over) and I had no crashes. AFAIK, those skills are fine, no one has reported them crashing the game, but we’ve had a few patches lately so who knows.