[REL] Grimarillion v80

Hey ASYLUM101.
I’m about to get back into Grim Dawn since the new Forgotten Gods expansion just came out & I am wondering if this mod will be compatible as I can no longer play the vanilla game since it is too easy/boring.

How are hero/mob spawns done in this mod? Do you just bump up a bunch of global variables or does everything/map have to be individually tweaked?
I am assuming the classes this mod has no/few compatibility issues on the core game itself?
Also how stable is multiplayer for this mod? Do I just have to make sure my friends have the same version and that’s all?

I can understand if this mod will need to be updated to work with the new expansion and will wait if thats the case.

Hope you all have fun with the new expansion!

Created a new lvl 1 character in 064c, unable to use the Savior’s Merit (removed from shared stash, placed in inventory and tried to right-click in inventory) in both veteran and UL Grimmest difficulty modes. The token has the following description:

Unlock UL Grimmest Difficulty
Unlocks Attributes/Skill rewards from quests on lower difficulties
Unlocks Riftgates on lower difficulties
Unlocks all Inventory Bags
“You must be in the correct game mode to use this item”

Any tips on how to use the token?

I am playing with level 56 character in grimarillion , just bought forgotten gods today. using my old save, I can’t open the Burrwitch prison gate at Devil’s crossing. Anyway to fix it or I have to start all over again ? ( tried verifying the game integrity ). When is the mod update expected to happen ?

Okay, mod noob.

What are we doing with the 64b and 64c folders?

Do we now have to have 3 folders named Grimarillion in our folder, or are we just telling b and c to replace duplicate files in the 64a folder?

The latter. Copy the content of 64b over the content of 64a, then copy the content of 64c over that.

Can anyone recommend a fun pet build using this mod?
I was thinking maybe d3 necro + gd necro but not sure.

I’m using Vanilla Necro + TQ Nature, right now level 43, it’s pretty fun :slight_smile:

I’m playing a Riftwalker. For some reason when I use a spear and attack with warp. My character goes invisible and gets stuck.
Currently running with the Forgotten Gods expansion.

Yea spears and staves currently do not work properly with some movement skills in the latest version of grimar. Not sure there’s anything I can do.

not working nothing happens using oathkeeper on grim

Welcome to the forums - I have all the answers to your question right here.

I do have a D3 Necro + GD Necro with Skeletons, but Skeleton builds are extremely disappointing in the beginning stages of the game and only get better once you have enough skill points and gear to make Skeletons sturdier.

I don’t know how much more Spirit Skeletons are sturdy compared to GD Necro Skeletons, so if I’d recommend a pet build to start off with, it’d be either Nature or D3 Witch Doctor with either a supporting class that has RR or a second pet class. Nature was what I used to get through the game legit, and then I branched out to test the other classes. If you have the FG expansion, you get even more possibilities thanks to the plentiful conversion options for pets.

Nature + Occultist would be the safest route, because you can begin with Physical pets (Curse of Frailty + Plague) and then either stick with Physical damage or go for Acid pets and either convert all Physical to Acid or respec into Thorn Sprites. The Nature + Necrotic build is one of my favorites, especially after the recent buffs to have the pets have Crit damage similar to regular pet classes.

Hey, so i’ve been playing your mod, fantastic btw absolutely love the diversity.
But I’ve been having crashes non-stop. When I hover an item on the ground or over a talent in the custom masteries. Do you know a way to fix this on my end? Or is it an issue with one of the combined mods.
Also do you have an ETA on the newest release for the Forgotten Gods expac, in the new content is where the crashes happen the most :o

(I have a good pc, and the most recent 64c release)

The general consensus is that you should wait for an official compatible version of this mod to be released or just play the game without mods.

the crashes also happened before the expac. Any idea why?

I read on the steam forums there are issues with the x64 client.

ATM many people are crashing and crate are working on hotfixing it. If that doesn’t help, then idk what to say, it’s not really something we as modders are able to fix easily.

There is one though? It’s mostly compatible. I can’t find compatibility issues if no one plays it to report issues.

Thank you for your response, I just wasn’t sure if the issue was on my end, or not. I didn’t personally read anything from crate stating about crashing, and it’s very relieving to hear that. Can’t wait till the next release! :smiley:

While not really a true pet build per se, I’m really enjoying this mod playing Warfare + Champion. I’ve found that Army of None and Ancestors with Battle Standard make for a great combo.

Thanks for the answer! I indeed own the FG expansion, what would be my options then?

^im also interested in this question