[REL] Grimarillion v80

Okay so I tested a little bit on the game, seems like the bug only occurs when my char is moving forward and suddenly turns left/right to a near beatable object (training dummy, zombies etc.) which is close to the character and I think it is the main reason that making the bug occurred. The only solution was unequip one item from the char (I think it refreshes the char’s sprite) and the char can move again, but that’s really annoying when I’m playing the game. I never met this issue before, is that a bug on v64c version or I did wrong on the installation on Grimarillion?

Did you update to 64b and then 64c or straight to c ? The latter does not work

Yes I first downloaded v64a, replaced the v64, then install v64b then c.

Nevermind, fixed it :slight_smile:

Any ideas why I can’t use merits with this mod?

Hey. I’d like to know, if I were to buy the new expansion, and then download the newest version of this mod and play it, will it violently explode?

I’m just wondering when this mod will work with the new expansion.

It works, mostly. They’re still working the kinks out. It’s playable, but only if you read.

What do you mean exactly?
I’d like to play this mod again.

I’ve played it a bit before and it’s a lot of fun.

Uhh…Your original post didn’t say what the fuck is in B and C.

Kunzan’s resolve is tested…

Can’t be done, I asked Zantai and he says it won’t be possible with mods. Mods get the short end of the stick. For now you’ll have to create a character in normal campaign to obtain the merit, then use GDStash to convert that character to mod campaign.

The XP rate is different from Vanilla but it’s not half. It’s unchanged from pre-aom.

What weapons are you using? Very important to report weapons when reporting animation issues.

If you just read the 2 original posts you would have found to the part with the changelogs

any plan the barb join the avengers on the next update ? :rolleyes:

Hey, Aslyum, can you tell me what possible problems I might run into running this with the new expansion?

i can’t wait either. the dust devil from the barb’s whirlwind looks really fun to smash the density this mod has

Stick with the X32 bit as the X64 has a ton of crashing issues. That, and there might be some unstability with the expansion sections. If you can keep your performance stable, you should be able to get through this okay.

I’m here to report that my pet Compendium is essentially complete. I will touch up some sections and edit some of the builds that were nerfed by the multitude of changes, but until I decide to get the FG expansion, I will focus on getting my favorite builds through AoM content.

If anyone really likes one of my builds and wants me to continuously update it, please let me know and I’ll consider taking it through as well.

P.S. You can screw off with your 4 Loxmeres. Screw off with your 4 Nullifications just as I’m getting past your first wave.

The guys name was Nightwind. I don’t suppose Nightwind you have an updated version for FG? I would really like to use your version so I don’t level so fast.

And it was Jiaco that was talking about source files with him and including them in grimmest.

And big Thank You all for this mod. Still loving it.

I’ve been using dual-wield weapons!
Corrosive Assault Boardsword of Alacrity (One-handed Sword)
Thirsting Maw (Epic One-handed Axe)

Even if I changed my weapon to other sword/mace/axe (no matter main hand/off hand), the same issue still appears.

Can I get a quick tip how to convert a normal character into a mod one?
Ticking the ‘in mod’ box in gd stash character editor doesn’t do the trick.

It does, but you still need to move the save dir from save/main to save/user (actually I believe GD then automatically saves it there, but you might have issues with having two chars with the same name then).

That worked, thanks.
Sadly using a merit on a lvl 1 character to play ultimate with the mod isn’t possible cuz the mobs are lvl 50 lol.