[REL] Grimarillion v80

i played oathkeeper whirlwind (eye of reckoning) and it was absolutly fine. 200k dps was more than enough for the whole content in game on ultimate

but i will give the barb a try for sure

My private dream for this mod is 5 things:
-Runemaster class from TQ Ragnarok
-Amazon class in Diablo style
-Paladin Class in Dianlo style
-Bows, even if hold horizontally like crossbows
-crafting materials and eventually some enemies from TQ

I’ll definitely check out the latest update! Thx alot for those responds!

While that does sound pretty OP, the oathbreaker is fine. Ascention plus celestial presence and divine mandate gives great damage. I recommend pairing it with Earth mastery for ascention meteors. It’s basically the juggernaut (earth+defense) type of class I always wanted.

I don’t think he’s made any changes concerning this issue yet.

Runemaster is basically TQ inquisitor though.
Amazon and Paladin are simply classic versions of Demon Hunter and Crusader, and it’s never gonna happen.
What’s the point of adding bows when crossbows do the same thing?
How about ranged wands like from TQ Underlord?

I don’t think he’s made any changes concerning this issue yet.

With D3 mod now adding D3 bosses to shattered realm, are you considering doing the same with TQ/GQ ? Typhon, Hades, the hydra, the giant robot and some others maybe… I certainly like the idea the D3 mod had there

*Runemaster maybe one day, not any time soon.
*Amazon and paladin are never coming.
*Bows have already been converted to crossbows and included.
*TQ Crafting materials are never coming.
*TQ enemies… Well I’ve already added toxeus. Maybe I’ll add more in time but it’s quite a lot of work and there’s really nothing to gain from it.

As for wands, i’ve already had this discussion, not gonna happen.

I just felt it was a more desirable request than bows. There’s not too much to gain from adding wands though, since casters all have spells they spam instead of default attack skills. It would only be noticeable for the first few levels when energy regen isn’t good enough to support spell casting as their exclusive source of damage.
So while it would be neat, it’s not worth the effort.

As for wands,it could be converted for staves ,just add a little bit of stats and change it to 2h weapon,but the problem comes with offhands - what with builds that uses combination of offhand + wand

Yeah, it’s a possibility.

"*D3 update 2.7+hotfix implemented. "

what hotfix ? Didn’t find one at the mod’s own page…

Grimer sent it to me via discord.

• Fixed issues with textures from Grasp of Essence and Frydehr’s Wrath.
Blood is Power: Life reduction resistance reduced from 15-70% to 14-36%. Bonus move speed reduced at ultimate ranks.
• Reduced cooldown of Phalanx from 30 to 24.
• Removed chance to refresh cooldown on Roland’s Grasp item-modifiers. It was not intended.
Epiphany: Resistance to damage reflected and life reduction reduced from 100% to 50%, scaling up to 60% at ultimate ranks.
Winter Flurry: Cooldown of Frost Nova granted skill increased from 1 to 4 seconds (Level 50) and to 3 seconds (Level 94).

Yeah it’s just more trouble than it’s worth.
We already have wands, but they’re melee weapons with caster stats.
Those actually serve a purpose though, while ranged wands’ default attack is quickly made redundant.

I’ve been playing a new character on first 64c, then updated to 64d however when trying to do the shattered mist after killing the boss on the 4th level it just kind of stops. I can’t seem to progress any further.

I apologize if this isn’t the correct place to ask about this issue. First time poster but long time player. Really love this mod.

Playing the latest version (64d) and selected barb, unable to use whirlwind, character just freezes in place doing nothing, not sure if it’s just me or general bug, otherwise keep up the great work :slight_smile:

So I have a question about crafting about class item (Titanslayer, Zenith, D3) recipes, especially about D3 items. I saw both Titanslayer and Zenith’s item can be crafted with Delanis the Satyr using 3 scraps and cheap price and it can increase the whole one class’s skill level, but D3 class can either only craft specify Relic with couple Legendary items or crafting with 75,000 bits and 5 forgotten souls (souls is common to collect) and the minimum acquired level of those items is 50 (well all are Epic or Legendary). Wouldn’t it be unfair if Titanslayer and Zenith’s character can stack up their skill levels so fast in early game (Titanslayer’s char’s minimum crafted item level is 24) while D3 character will have to pray for dropping specified items for skill levels in early game and level up until level 50 for crafting their items? Just curious if there are any prefix or suffix for +1 D3 Class’s skill level for rare items?

And one small thing, Ruby type of components can’t be applied to staff, tried it.

Grimarillion is designed toward merging multiple stand-alone mods into one single mod - how the classes and gear interact with each other is far beyond ASYLUM’s scope. There are no Satyr crafts for D3 characters, but you can craft the Jade Set beginning at level 30 that gives +2 to all skills (D3, Zenith, GQ, all of them) when you equip them both. Whether D3 characters can reasonably level through the game with their current gear is not something I care to test, but any issues with early-game skills being too weak should be taken up in the D3 thread.

One further point: the reason GQ and Zenith have those crafts is because they have no Epic or Legendary items early on that give +skills to any of their abilities. They have items that give +1 to all skills in those classes, but those bonuses don’t have much of an impact until Level 50 or so anyway, if only because you don’t have enough skill points early on for those bonuses to matter in any significant way.

Grimer has pretty great items already in his D3 mod, he doesn’t need half-assed craftable greens. Zenith only has them because I felt bad that there was 0 item support, so while I added the greens for GQ I added some for Zenith too.

Ruby+Staff, well, it would be up to Grimer to add that functionality.

I just want to say I’m enjoying the mod as always and to everybody contributing to this compilation I thank you for many hours of enjoyment :slight_smile:

On a different note it seems the Necrotic’s skill Primordial Transfer is not applying as an AoE (works on 1 target per click) and yet still has the AoE listed on the tooltip. I have not tested every level of the skill only the first few so I’m not sure if its the same at each rank. Unsure if this has been mentioned already also but the class synergy skills for zenith appear to be missing tags now (requires tag not found) tested on the latest update.