[REL] Grimarillion v80

Very very thanks

Love it so far, wondering if it would be easy to reduce the move speed down a little. Players are a bit too speedy, everything else seems great so far.

How have u made it work? For me grimarillion content is missing

I seem to run into a good number of bugs when playing with friends.

Love this mod, the nostalgia is real with those old school TQ masteries. I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to vanilla GD

Ok download this file


and replace it with old in


Got this modmod to work :slight_smile: Please keep it updated with grimarillion :slight_smile: It’s pretty much fun

Don’t know if this was intentional or not but it looks like experience required to level up was reduced. My level 65 character jumped to like level 81 from extra xp. At level 1 it looks like it takes 189 xp to level up vs unmodified grimmarillion requires 192.

This doesn’t seem to do anything, characters still move just as fast.

Try this one

If it doesn’t work (hard chance if it does:p), then open your Grimarillion mod in Asset Manager find the gameengine.dbr file (this path mods\grimarillion\database\records\game), right click on it and hit build…exit…play

no extra bonuses for pets?

and i think you messed up the double elite spawn rate for certain quest mobs

like milton heart guy, there is only 1 of him

Any idea on how to fix the above? :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have an issue where the demon hunter’s chakram doesn’t cast consistently? The animation plays and whatnot but doesn’t always actually create the chakram, sometimes seemingly locking out for several seconds.

Hey, this helm item doesn’t seem to add the proper ranks to Chain Lightning, as is visible in the screenshot.

I don’t see any errors in your screenshot.

The skills are greyed out on your item instead of normal which means they aren’t in effect. The D3 Wizard class also has a skill called chain lightning, along with the Elementalist from zenith.

I really hate all the extra classes and how much they dilute the loot pool. How can i just use Grimmest & Stash mods?

Try playing just grimmest or just stasher or combine them yourself.

That what i want to do, but how to i combine them and is the Grimmest standalone still being updated?

On version 66, I have a Problem about this new item name “plutonium nyborg”. Everytime I move or drop this item, It will auto copy itself in my inventory. Can you remove this item and make the NPC of this item stay in the city. Dont need to use “plutonium nyborg” to summon him anymore.

v66a (standalone)


Key changes:
*Grimmest tweaks.
*Bug fixes.
*Skillcap tweaks.


*Removed Quickloot for the time being as it was causing issues in MP. If you need the autopickup, use Grim Internals.
*Tweaked some stuff for Zeke/Plutonium Nyborg. Plutonium Nyborg SHOULDN’T replicate in your bags in MP, or if you place it in the stash. Plutonium Nyborg has been modified so now it is consumed on usage, and Zeke is summoned when it is consumed. Upon speaking to Zeke, you will receive a new nyborg if you don’t have one already. Plutonium Nyborg item is droppable (not sellable), but you can also craft it at the satyr if you lose it.

*Fixed an issue where several Grim Quest accessories couldn’t be crafted.

*Fixed an issue where FX weren’t working.

Spite - Blind Rage:
*Fixed an issue where the skill never made it into v66. Oops.

Distortion Field:
*Vitality retaliation changed to physical.

Plague - Fatigue:
*Max rank reduced from 12 to 10.

Plague - Susceptibility:
*Max rank reduced from 12 to 10.
*Scaling adjusted.

Kodama - Sustained Growth:
*Max rank reduced from 12 to 10.

Fungal Swarm:
*Max rank increased from 12 to 16.

Enslave Spirit:
*Reduced max ranks from 12 to 8.

Skeletal Soldier - Relentless Evil:
*Reduced max ranks from 16 to 12.

Drain Life - Grasping Dead
*Max rank increased from 8 to 12.

Drain Life - Soul Cascade
*Max rank increased from 8 to 12.

Lightning Whip:
*Fixed an issue where skill didn’t have a max rank of 16 as intended.